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30 Responses to “Plan To Lose Belly Fat Forever”

    inside = fruit right?

  2. Audible must love you for the free advertising.

  3. Quinoa is my rice substitute, which is also a complete protein, and almond
    milk is my obvious healthy replacement for cow milk.

  4. SilverHunk Clover Reply April 10, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    no rice? We Asian eat a lot of rice :(

  5. No milk? :(

  6. This works !
    I’ve been training 2 and a half months now and all i do is 25-35min
    cadrio, Weights, (machines, deadlift, squat, bench dumbbells,
    everything,..) watch what i eat and work out 5 times a week.
    I was around 100kg when i started and now i’m 85 kg.
    I’ve lost lots of fat and gained lots of strength/muscle…
    My Clothes were XL and now they are L.
    There are no magical pills or shortcuts… if they were real… there
    wouldn’t be fat people on this planet..
    To reach your goals you have to be mentally strong first!
    it’s always mind over body.
    I even quit smoking without the use of any products…

  7. So you can’t eat bread and drink tea? And no fruit? Well, I’m not that fat,
    I’ll do the walking, pushups and whatever the results their going to be
    enough for me :D

  8. I do the eating and walking plan exactly as you say but instead of weight
    training I do pushups and pullups. 

  9. love this guy

  10. Elliot how about green tea? 

  11. I had round and pretty awesome belly. The missus wanted me to lose it, so
    she decided to cut my night food. Awesome and encouraging results in just a
    month. From then on I decided to exercise. Two years later I became a half
    Ironman finisher. When you see quick and natural results its the first step
    to further things. Stay positive and deal with your shit the best way you
    can, that’s how I made it. 

  12. are you gay (seriously) ?

  13. Yo, are protein shakes still good?

  14. Very good advice….Ive been preaching this to my fat neighbors for
    years….they keep doing beer can bicep curls…..

  15. Little do some people know who you’ve inspired I watch and learn a lot from
    you . Your real in the way u speak no b.s. and truth is what we need . Just
    wanted to say thanks finally someone keeping it real for all uploads.

  16. Good advice

  17. Okay, i’ve been following this and it definitely works
    Lately I’m having days where i’m so exhausted/low energy I can’t get out of
    bed. What can i do for a much needed energy boost without breaking the
    rules? Any advice greatly appreciated

  18. Excellent Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial
    thoughts. Have you ever tried – Loranzan Incredible Physique Builder (Have
    a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some
    extraordinary things about it and my friend Sam after a lifetime of
    fighting got great Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it. 

  19. what about te?

  20. What about whole wheat bread? 

  21. What if you’re skinny, with only a small bot of fat covering abs and
    nowhere else? I’m trying to put on muscle mass and get stronger too! Is
    this diet applicable to what I’m doing? And is it possible to do all 3 at

  22. Love The Attitude. #JusDoIt

  23. Subscribed!

  24. where can I send you a private message so you can answer me ? help please

  25. Anastasia Hegwood Reply April 10, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    No more sugar
    No starchy stuff
    No bread
    No fruit
    Only vegetables
    Walk everyday for an hour

  26. I do all the morning walks and eating right.. But I love food, so if I
    overeat and spill over I do HIIT to work it off. It’s been 6 days and i’ve
    lost 6 pounds from 195, so it definitely works. I’m gonna stick with this,
    seems to be the best thing out in the world wide web. Thanks Elliot!

  27. but what about milk?? am i gonna stop drinking that too? 

  28. Does the walk have to be 1 hour straight? Or can I walk a half hour in the
    morning and half hour in the afternoon? Also after I workout sometimes I
    would take endurox r4 but it contains 39g of sugar. Is that ok?

  29. How could I do this with no carbs as I’m still at school tips

  30. Whaaat! No fruit? But I’m addicted to Mandarin oranges!

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