PERMANENT Weight Loss!!!

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9 Responses to “PERMANENT Weight Loss!!!”

  1. weightlossprogram101 Reply January 11, 2014 at 3:26 am

    Thanks for making such a great contribution. I’ve learned so much from
    watching your videos

  2. kudos for Minnie :)

  3. Very good points. About that diet where you eat fish sticks, carrots and
    apples 5 days a week and other foods 2 days a week – that has potential….

  4. @BestVideoResponse I personally find i fell best when my diet consists of
    70% vegetables and 30% meat

  5. Yes with the Santa`a hat!

  6. Everyone knows how great green vegetables are for your health but everyone
    hates them. One of my tricks is to load ’em up with spices. For example,
    wraps full of greens and topped with giardiniera or wasabi is awesome.

  7. Well said. That is exactly what I did to loose over 65 lbs. Follow a new
    nutrition plan that is consistent and permanent with an activity plan. I
    still have the odd treat but its is not gulp and wolfed down its a small
    portion that I savour for a long time. I really hope your message gets
    through and sticks in people’s psyche. Now I’m off to read the article.

  8. Mr brink, I am a yoyo dieter bcuz I am a pro fighter . I diet then after
    start to gain weight… But when it comes to fight season I need to diet
    while keeping muscle and losing fat, do you think calorie cycling is useful
    or just conventional calorie restriction day In and day out will do.

  9. Good solid information

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