Part II. Green Tea on Oprah! Does it really burn fat? Professor Jay educates on the science, scams, and secrets of weight loss and diet. Get you FREE copy of “Thinking Your Way to Weight Lo…


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10 Responses to “Part II. Green Tea on Oprah! Does it really burn fat?”

  1. palmbeachprincessLW Reply November 9, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    it DOSE work

  2. In fact you might be interested to know that studies recently have shown
    that people who can’t get a good night’s sleep (think caffeine) end up
    eating more because their body produces more grehlin, the chemical
    responsible for making you feel hungry.

  3. it makes you do poo … it does for me and then you get like really hungry
    … but i drink like the real tea leves like the ones you get a china

  4. Hey Jay, this was very interesting !!!!!!!! I gotta tell you change the

  5. you’re awesome!

  6. u tosser mate!

  7. Hi there, have you heard of Bellyfattack ? Just search Google. There you
    will find a good free video by a successful doctor talking on how to burn
    unwanted fat. This made it easier for Cheryl to lose her tummy fat. It may
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  8. how about slim quick 4 women? this was very useful info, thxs 4 posting! ps
    i agree with jenjen change this music –

  9. Stoney Productions Reply November 10, 2014 at 1:38 am

    hmm i got some green tea from a dollor store was cheap as hell. hmm going
    to do a video for the next 4 months on green tea and see if i get results.

  10. spaceanduniverse27 Reply November 10, 2014 at 1:38 am

    If the Green Tea Extract has a key nutrient such as; Iodine, then the green
    tea can only help improve a sluggish thyroid if only a little, as Iodine
    isn’t the only key ingredient to be used to help improve thyroid function.
    When giving the body a vitamin/ mineral that it needs, don’t knock it, it
    can only help it, if only a little. Iodine, Kelp, and Selenium (I think
    Selenium) are some of the key minerals to help improve hypothyroidism.
    Iodine is one of the main minerals that is mentioned 1st.

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