Oolong Tea for weight loss!

I hate the taste of the tea but need the benefits! Agave nectar is even better for you than Splenda!


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13 Responses to “Oolong Tea for weight loss!”

  1. Add cinnamon or ginger with the agave nectar. It’s not nasty to me but I’ve
    revamped my taste buds over the years. You know we grow up ruining them,
    lol. The benefits of the tea period made me want to drink it.

  2. Yes oolong is gross took me a long time to get use to the taste

  3. Yeah let me know how that tea is sis…neva heard of that one.

  4. sooooo, are we substituting tea for a meal or how are we incorporating tea
    for weight loss?

  5. Hi! I’m Nick.I did -40 lbs in 1 month.Open aidadiet.com

  6. Taste like green tea to me..not bad at all.

  7. i heard about that tea eagar to see your results

  8. It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these normal people
    are able to lose fat so easily with Atomic Fat Loss (Google it).

  9. hi did the oolong tea work? I wonder if it really does work …

  10. Stick with it I have been drinking since last summer. I lost now a total of
    30lbs which 25lbs were lost in the 1st 3 months no working out or drastic
    change to my diet I eat what I like. I was 160 and I am now 130lbs I cut
    down to 2 cups a day after my first 3 months the China Classic Oolong by
    FooJoy may taste better. Good luck.

  11. How has the tea been working? Does the brand matter? Or whether you drink
    it hot or cold?

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  13. I lost a good bit of weight with this tea..and I use to drink it
    straight..I bought it from Wu-Yi..this was a couple of years ago…I’m
    telling you this tea works..2-3 cups a day.

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