Only Natural Ultimate Acai Dieter’s & Cleansing Teas, 24-Count

For thousands of years the people of the Brazilian Rain Forest have used the Acai berry for its amazing health benefits. Recent finding have shown the Acai berry may contribute to maintaining and normalizing weight. The Ultimate Acai Diet & Cleansing Tea is synergistically formulated to assist the body in the removal of unwanted toxins from the intestines and bloodstream, naturally promotes fat metabolism and provides a powerful dose of vital antioxidants. All this in a great tasting tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold!.

Product Features

  • Lose Weight And Cleansing.
  • Natural flavor & Caffeine free
  • Anti-Oxidant & Detoxify


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2 Responses to “Only Natural Ultimate Acai Dieter’s & Cleansing Teas, 24-Count”

  1. Great Tea from Amazon 0

  2. Awesome tea Okay so shipping is so so with these guys. They take a little while. But the product is AWESOME! But this teas is definitely an acquired taste. The tea has a strong acai berry flavor and it does have senna. So for all the newbies drinking tea, the senna will be that tart after taste you will experience. Also if your suffering constipation or have hemorrhoids this would definitely help because senna leaf is known to help you go go. But it’s not the type of tea where you have to stay home because…

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