Numi Jasmine Pu’erh Tea Bags, 16 Tea Bags

A blend of rich pu-erh and jasmine-scented green tea enraptures the senses with intricate layers of smooth earthy flavor infused with sweet floral aromas for a beautifully balanced cup of tea. Handpicked jasmine blossoms are carefully laid atop premium green tea. As night falls and the flowers unfurl, the dried tea naturally absorbs sweetly delicate notes of fresh jasmine. Numi’s jasmine Pu-erh is artfully crafted using only organic ingredients for a freshly uplifting moment to your tea-drinking day.

Product Features

  • 16 Tea Bags
  • Jasmine flower contains essential oils that are used in aromatherapy and contain antibacterial fighting power. Blend of rich, black Pu’erh and Jasmine scented green tea enraptures the senses with its complex layers of deep and earthy flavor
  • The unique 60 day fermentation process has a profound and distinct affect on the tea leaves and their taste. Results are a deep, earthy flavor with a touch of malt
  • Our tea bags are natural, Non-GMO, biodegradable filter paper. Our boxes and packaging are made from 85% post consumer waste, printed with soy based inks and without unnecessary shrink wrap
  • Made in USA


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