Natural Fat Loss: CLA Bill Gottlieb proves Conjugated Linoleic Acid helps people naturally lose fat while they gain muscle, even without diet and exerci…


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43 Responses to “Natural Fat Loss: CLA”

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  3. BestWayToLoseWeightH Reply March 24, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    I started taking one to two grams of CLA every day before a meal, but I
    also watch what I eat. I’m not sure if I’ve gained muscle and lost fat yet,
    but I do have more energy. I read some studies that caution people about
    dosage because research done on mice have shown CLA may affect the liver,
    but human studies have shown it’s safe and effective as long as people
    don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

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  5. @KristenJade100 i guess everybody has different reactions to supplements
    and such i’ve had no side effects from CLA that i’ve noticed

  6. have u actually tried it? (seems like u have) can u let me know what
    happend with you? how long were u taking it for, any
    gains/losses/postives?negatives. – ive read alot about this on the internet
    on websites but id like a review froma random person if possible? any if u
    have trialed this please let me know your results.

  7. description is retarded, you NEED to exercise and maintain good eating
    habits for cla to even do anything

  8. I heard that CLA puts fat around your liver,are there any dangerous side
    effects to CLA? it sounds too good to be true

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  11. yo use cla con un programa alimenticio bajo en grasas y carbohidratos ,
    corriendo por lo menos 20-25 minutos o caminando 45-50 3 veces por semana y
    perdi casi 11 libras sin pasar hanbre creo que funcionaron para mi

  12. does this stuff realy work?

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  14. took bloody money from each CLA COMPANY! Americans bloody cons

  15. @giu2085 are u taking cla and l carnitine together??? like could this be
    bad or something?? and what brand of l carnitine exactly are u taking?? coz
    I’m using 1250 mg CLA 3 times a day and I am thinking about using l
    carnitine also with it…

  16. CLA really works great! I’ve been using it for a while and seen a big
    difference. Awesome!! Keep motivated.

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  19. Excuse me sir you forgot to mention all the health problems with cla like
    heart problems, bad cholesterol going up, good cholesterol going down,
    which is horrible! Not worth taking cla

  20. @giu2085 then why buy it at all lol

  21. Ive been taking TONALIN CLA for two weeks and I am stunned to see that I
    have already lost 16 pounds!!!! I was 181 and now weigh 165.

  22. New research indicates that people with NASH aka “Non-Alcoholic Fatty Live
    Disease” are at risk from this suppliment. In a test done with mice they
    noted that the liver fat actually increased with CLA intake. I began having
    liver discomfort 3 months after starting this and have since quit…it’s
    just not worth the risk for those with liver problems.

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  25. @giu2085 Well duh 😛 But yeah, diet is important – if you eat a ton of
    junk, your body will be junk it’s as simple as that.

  26. Just because you lose fat doesn’t mean you are healthy. you can’t be
    healthy unless you watch what you eat and get in some resistance training
    as well as cardio.

  27. @occruz378 How many pills a day do you take?

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  29. @giu2085 so how many pills of both cla and carnitine should i use daily???
    and I didnt understand the “rest” part….like should i stop using them for
    a while??

  30. ImaginaryHuman072889 Reply March 24, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    yeah i’ve been debating whether or not to take CLA everything i read about
    it said ‘oh this is what happens in mice, but we don’t know what happens in
    people’ well from your personal experience I probably won’t be using the
    product now yeah you are exactly right, its just not worth the risk

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  32. I second this comment. I took CLA and arginine at separate times, and then
    eventually together and hly shit the results were amazing haha. Arginine
    really stimulates growth hormone release, especially when taken before bed.
    It worked great for me.

  33. It is a good supplement but with possible side effects. For more
    information search Wikipedia for “CLA”.

  34. CLA CAUSES ACNE BREAKOUTS! I have (thank you god) amazing skin. I normally
    get about 4 pimples a year. About a week after I took CLA on a daily basis
    (3/day) I broke out like a pizza. Pimples and be skinny? Or Fat and have
    great skin… Which is it boys lol

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  36. am taking CLA and L-Carnitine and what i can say is that CLA really works
    but you have to eat well and do regular excercise…most people think that
    stayin on the couch and being lazy and just takin 3-4 pills a day will
    mantain you fit…wrong…..

  37. Alejandro Solorzano Reply March 24, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    @occruz378 thosepounds in how mch time did u loose it???

  38. the best resault you will get if you take in 3,6g of CLA so if you have
    capsule 1000mb = 1g its usualy 80% of pure CLA so you should take 3 capsult
    of CLA a day .. in separate times (morning, day, evening). Doing “overdose”
    will have some unwanted resault like bonding with toilet many times a day 😀

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  42. To quote someone else (referring to Larsen TM, Toubro S, Astrup A study) :
    CLA doesn’t really boost your metabolism rate much. So if unused fat didn’t
    go to your fat tissue, it must have gone to somewhere. Reseachers suggested
    that CLA works because it decrease lipid transferred to body fat tissue,
    and increase lipid staying in your liver, which is not great.

  43. I brought CLA recently (partly inspired by this video) but then started
    looking more deeply into the latest reteach and as a result I feel it my
    duty to point out some VERY concerning studies. I recommend people google
    for: Efficacy and safety of dietary supplements containing CLA for the
    treatment of obesity: evidence from animal and human studies by Larsen TM,
    Toubro S, Astrup A.

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