Morning Banana Diet

The Morning Banana Diet involves eating only a banana (2.00 for a bunch) in the morning. It is the most popular diet in Japan right now.


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32 Responses to “Morning Banana Diet”

  1. I don’t see why people are arguing about this video, lol. If you don’t want
    to have a banana for breakfast, you don’t have to. I have been eating a
    banana nearly every morning for 20 years now and of course you need to
    drink something as well, it’s enough if you will have a break around 10
    o’clock and eat something else and then lunch at 12 or later. I’m not going
    to say if it’s good or bad for you, you eat what you can afford and what
    can get you through the day. 

  2. your a retard digisee

  3. All of our food is so modified who knows what we should be eating. Take
    apples. In their original form they were too bitter to eat. So they
    crossbred them to make them sweeter, which means they have a lot more sugar
    than nature intended. 

  4. Great for stamina. In the gym and bedroom…..

  5. Yo,uh, director, where’s the sound??

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  7. i cant stop laughing theres a banana after every slide bahahahaha wtfff

  8. Awesome, how much fat could I lose? My sister lost 2 stone using Wretch
    Weight Workings. Do a Google search for it :)

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  10. I agree! This is idiotic.

  11. Ksharapani Wickramarathne Reply April 18, 2014 at 5:36 am

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these other people
    accomplish it so easily with Atomic Max Muscle (check it out on Google).

  12. According to this video, the numerical system has changed! Now, it’s 2 – 3
    – 4 – 1 !! I think the video maker went Banana! from eating too much banana

  13. Mingmango…well said.

  14. @nirav123abc Wow. Angry much?

  15. you must be having a banana farm 😛

  16. theres no “normal” there could be an average but someone else’s “normal”
    can be different from yours. a small person can only fit so much in their
    stomach at a given time, that’s normal for them and someone with a larger
    stomach can obviously hold more making that larger amount normal for them.
    not everyone can eat the exact same amount and it bothers me how stubborn
    and unintelligent you are.

  17. no its not moron

  18. banana is corbondhydar and if you eat 2 much carbonhydat it will change to
    fet,i mean if u done move or make some think excisas my be u get more
    weight,jabanes people har anether genetic en people in western some can be
    fat just like..

  19. @lavixninja lol

  20. could’ve shown more bananas I felt


  22. Will it remove the wrinkles on my Nuts? I want them as smooth as eggs!

  23. the pictures of bananas were so awesome that it made me want to punch my
    computer. But the spelling of temperature is SOOO cute. 😀 and thanks for
    the info!

  24. dont you hate it when you wake up with a morning banana

  25. This is fucking bananas.

  26. the crack cocaine diet always workd for me

  27. 1:04 you can what? You can what??! Master of suspense :O

  28. check out “loss-of-weight-allegiance . com” on Google a new way to live

  29. The sound on this video keeps coming on off very annoying


  31. Dude. Again. Nanners. You can’t accept that someone eats 2 bananas for
    breakfast. That’s what this entire conversation is about. Nanners. I think
    you’re nanners. I’m not reading your posts or replying anymore, so go ahead
    and say whatever you need to say

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