Mega-T Green Tea Water Pill — 28 ct.

Mega-T green tea Water Pill — 28 ct.

Mega-T green tea Water Pill is a safe, gentle way to lose water and relieve bloating with no harsh side effects. Each pill rids your system of excess water and supports the body’s natural fluid balance. It relieves the heavy pressure of water weight gain.

Product Features

  • Mega-T Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pills helps remove excess water weight.
  • Gentle Action Helps: Remove excess water weight. Relieve water retention bloating. Support natural fluid balance.
  • Each pill helps rid your system of excess water while supporting your bodys natural fluid balance to relive the heavy pressure of weight gain.
  • Its naturally gentle, herbal, drug free formula helps relieve your body from water retention and bloating.


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3 Responses to “Mega-T Green Tea Water Pill — 28 ct.”

  1. Love this water pill! 0

  2. Mega-T Green Tea WATER PILL is NOT a weight loss pill 0

  3. This IS a diuretic & isn’t expected to reduce weight attributed to other reasons. The manufacturer must have realized the labeling was inconsistent with the intent of the pill, because the current packaging is “Mega-T Dietary Supplement Green Tea Water Pill”. But even on their own website ([…]) the product still uses the “weight loss” language in the product list, but at least they have the correct label pictured. Maybe be a translation issue by the manufacturer?OLD label/pkg:…

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