Mega-t Green Tea Water Pill, 28-Capsules (Pack of 3)

MEGA-T Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill removes excess water weight, remove water retention and support natural fluid balance. It is a gentle herbal diuretic and drug-free.

Product Features

  • Three 28-count caplets
  • Removes excess water weight and water retention
  • Support natural fluid balance
  • A gentle herbal diuretic; Drug-free


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2 Responses to “Mega-t Green Tea Water Pill, 28-Capsules (Pack of 3)”

  1. Theresa Gutierrez Reply April 2, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Works to lose water/bloating not weight loss I have had leg edema for several years and didnt know it. Once you get it all you can do is control it. Because of the edema I was gaining weight and the pain in my legs made exercising out of the question. Last few years it has gotten worse to the point that I had “cankles” and my knees were starting to be affected too. Was taking Alieve and it helped only so much but once I started this it was amazing! The swelling in my ankles went down, my knees werent hurting as much or as bad. This all…

  2. Works! 0

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