Mega T Green Tea Review



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14 Responses to “Mega T Green Tea Review”

  1. I just started taking them I was a little scared cause I have heard so much
    negative about diet pills. but your video seems to help me out. im going to
    try them for a month will see if theres any results

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  4. if u r sayin its goodthen its good but im too scared to try any Diet Pills
    or stuff, i think i’ll stick to exercise and salads :)

  5. Lmao I love you your like a Muslim with a southern accent

  6. Salaam Fatima! Thanks for the video

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  9. Being Muslim is a religion which it is sad a lot of people just can’t seem
    to understand that! But anyways!

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  11. How much u have lost

  12. I bought it and I deaf see a difference it helps with hunger like you said
    I will something but get full fast I don’t feel a energy boost but that’s
    ok. Good luck

  13. what are u saying?pls talk in turkish:))

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