Make Ginger Tea – Clear Your System, Boost Your Metabolism When I was growing up in Japan, my mother had ginger…


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21 Responses to “Make Ginger Tea – Clear Your System, Boost Your Metabolism”

  1. what about if you due a ginger tea with cinnamon as well 

  2. thank you for that 

  3. 2:18 the first cap you said add that . What is that ?? Please respond ??

  4. Thank you for the video. Can I just buy ginger root tea bags at the health
    food store? Will that be just as good?

  5. I used to sliced ginger and add hot water leave it for 5min then drink it
    is that ok ?

  6. Thanks for the tips :)

  7. What was the first cup of liquid you added? Thanks much!

  8. jaime gongora robles Reply October 21, 2014 at 7:06 am

    love it !!!!

  9. i made a large batch and put it in the fridge for iced ginger tea. yum

  10. How many Times in a day? ?

  11. to peel ginger use tea spoon ! :)

  12. Do you think you can do a thigh move?

  13. How many Times in a day? ?

  14. Any part of the cilantro you don’t use in the smoothie, just freeze in a
    ziplock bag to use in stir-fries or chicken soups.

  15. I’m bloated right now, so I’m drinking some ginger tea

  16. How many Times in a day???

  17. how do you make ginger syrup?

  18. Hi, thanks for the info, very well presented. I was wondering if you can
    answer some questions, for instance, when is the best time to drink the
    ginger tea? In the morning with empty stomach? After dinner? Before going
    to bed? Also, can you take the tea before starting your daily exercise
    routine? Do you think it would help to increase the number of burned
    calories? And finally, what is the maximum amount you should take on daily
    basis? Thanks :)

  19. I have been drinking ginger tea since childhood, I didn’t like it as a kid
    but my father would be angry if I didn’t drink it haha ^^ …now I
    absolutely love ginger in all it’s forms because I understand the great
    benefits of this amazing root! 

  20. great video! are there any foods that help get rid of spots?

  21. Thank you 

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