Make-Ahead Healthy BREAKFASTS! (Weight Loss Recipes)

Breakfast is KEY to kickstart your metabolism and a big part to lose / maintain your weight. Here are my simple, quick and hassle-free make-ahead breakfasts …


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46 Responses to “Make-Ahead Healthy BREAKFASTS! (Weight Loss Recipes)”

  1. Hey Joanna what tempture should I set the oven for the egg muffins?

  2. hi,Joanna! I’m a 13 year old girl who is overweight! i have a problem with
    overeating and whenever my parents bring junk food in the house its
    soooooooo hard to resist!i desperately want to be skinny,healthy and fit! i
    have 10 siblings in total and all of them are skinny AND FIT!EXCEPT ME!i
    feel really sad……any tips?which one of your vids would you reccomend me
    for weight loss?thanks!

  3. hi dear in made egg muffins before leaving for work out as i hv only 4
    molds so i added rest material in bowl i didnt eat it i m resting thn will
    try today i will plan also my lunches n dinner although i m taking
    vegetable soup, n lemon water w my work out in gym i already has reduced
    weight w my diet n gym In sha `allah again has started it since a week n
    wll reduce at leat 7 kg in a month, u r really good adviser motivation n
    helping guide for others. Allah bless u , i hv only one question here whn i
    m tryng gym healthy foods thn my face is affecting too much thta doesn’t
    look good how we can avoid to get thinner slim face pls share it as diet
    plan work out making our faces slimmer… keep helping other.. luv u 

  4. to replace flour with oats what is the ratio? such as 1 cup flour = 1 cup

  5. Joanna, have you tried grinding your oats (in the blender to get a
    flour-like consistency)? I will try this recipe using the ground oats!
    thanks for the healthy recipes!

  6. I made the banana muffins with canned peaches instead. I mushed them up
    just the same, and the muffins turned out really nicely. So if you’re
    allergic, give a canned fruit a try (since they’ll be on the soft side)!

  7. OMG I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I don’t really eat dinner. I just usually eat
    fruits or nothing at all actually. I love eating for breakfast but the
    problem is I don’T really have time in the morning since I am a student and
    I am always on the rush. These recipes really look delicious and are really
    easy to make. Omg now I can enjoy a healthy and stuffing breakfast without
    wasting time…..THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please do make more videos of recipes
    <3 . :) You got yourself a new subscriber. 

  8. Just don’t waste your time anddollars and effort on weight losstablets or
    lotions because their results if any are merely temporary.

  9. I looooove that you tell us how to store everything, a lot of people don’t.
    You’ve easily become my favorite fitness gal <3

  10. Heu Joanna
    Im 15 and 79kg I wanna lose weight healthy and fast I’ve started two weeks
    ago to eat healthy and workout my problem is I’m not very patient and I’ve
    tried a lot of diets but none of them ever worked.I got to this weight when
    I was becoming a teenager .So every time I tried a diet and it neva worked
    I got disappointed and lost the motivation. Can you please help me with
    some tips I wanna lose 10 kg .What can I do to loose weight fast and how
    long should I work out .
    Thanks in Advance.

  11. Hi Joannah I cant find apple sauce from super market I found it since one
    hr but I cant find it Can u pls guide me what to add instead of apple
    sauce i m going to make it now pls reply me thanks 

  12. Hi joanna I couldn’t find the chicken roll so is it ok to add boneless
    chicken breast. If yes then how much?

  13. Can’t wait to try some of these!!! 😛 especially the banana muffins!

  14. I liked most of the quick and easy breakfast and snacks ideas. I will
    definitely give them all a try.

  15. Great video…good ideas…thanks! :-)

  16. I just started eating healthy and this is a great video to get me started!

  17. really loved the bannanna mud=ffins and egg muffins will be trying those

  18. Hi Joann a, what is the mini food processor you use in this video please?

  19. Your videos are great, Joanna!

  20. I tried going to your website & I keep getting redirected to other sites.
    Did this happen for anyone else?

  21. for the banana muffins, can i omit or is there any replacement for greek
    yogurt? ^^ 

  22. Thanks for the videos! Do you know how much protein the banana muffins

  23. We dont have greek yogurt where i live, so what do i do?

  24. great video! i love your ideas…thanks!

  25. really good video! thanks for sharing :-)

  26. WOW! You are a genious!! Thank you!!! I love these recipes!!!!! 


  28. Hey ur vidss are awesome!!

  29. Like your banana muffins and also I made banana pancakes . you just add two
    eggs and banana in a blender then put a fringe pan taste solo good.

  30. I ran out and purchased the nuts and dried fruit in bulk. it was sooo easy
    and it’s delicious! 

  31. hello joanna for the third breakfast can I replace the kajonut with almond?

  32. I made your egg muffins, banana muffins and energy bar. They all tasted
    great but I couldn’t get the bar to stick together. Any suggestions?

  33. I just subscribed to your channel all your tips are so helpful :) I love
    this breakfast video, I never have time to make breakfast in the morning
    and now I can start eating in the mornings thanx to you. Thank youuu :) <3 

  34. What is chicken roll? Is it lunch meat? I live in the u. S.

  35. u r my idol!!! i like ur idea!! 

  36. Hi Joanna! What do you think of Low-carb diet? Is it a good eating style
    for us to follow to reduce cellulite faster?

  37. Wow I can see myself making all of these . Thank you !

  38. hi girl , I loved ur video ♡

    but I read that if someone eat fruit with another thing like yogurt it will
    turn into fat , so is that true ? 

  39. Joanna its really difficult to find greek yogurt or any yogurt locally…
    can I use curd instead of yogurt? 

  40. every recipe was wonderful!! I eat these things everyday, just not this
    pretty! I can’t wait to make these for next week. thank you for your

  41. what can i use insetad of apple sauce?

  42. Hi Joanna Soh I have one question is eating multigrain cereal with low fat
    milk a good start to my diet ?

  43. Hi I was wondering if there was something I can replace the eggs with for
    the muffin. I have an egg and nut allergy. Thanks 

  44. I don’t eat oats so what could I replace for the fruit and yogurt cup

  45. Just Go And Google Skinnimaker System and you will learn how certain foods
    ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  46. I love it thanks!:)

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