Lose weight Fast: Taking Tai Chi Green Tea I lost 10 pounds in 1 week

After taking Tai Chi Green Tea (http://www.taichigreentea.com) for 1 week, she lost 10 pounds. More testimonials: http://www.taichigreentea.com/files/comment…


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8 Responses to “Lose weight Fast: Taking Tai Chi Green Tea I lost 10 pounds in 1 week”

  1. @MzDream121 Thanks for your commments. This is not the first time we heard
    people saying that “you paid people to say that….” If you watch more of
    the testimonials (type in “tai chi green tea” on youtube, you will know the
    truth. Actually, we ran into this lady a few months later when she had 2
    boxes of the tea in her hands. She said she lost 50 pounds so far, but this
    time, she refused to be recorded. Look into her eyes carefully and you will
    know whether she is lying or not.

  2. @Tiffany Pratt it truely sounds too good to be true. most of the time we
    met them while they came to purchase the tea. please view more to make your
    own judgment. some of them told us what else they had done to achieved the

  3. @tubebitch12 Actually, people with more fat see more weight loss in the
    first few months after they take green tea. People with less fat is a
    little harder to lose weight.

  4. @Tiffany Pratt just below your comment there is another comment. we don’t
    know what brand he/she was taking. you may contact him/her to learn
    more.was ta

  5. I’ve seen a few of the ” testimonies” and they don’t seem genuine to me. If
    they are real, that’s great for them. And while I do think green tea helps
    you lose weight, I doubt these people have ever drank it.

  6. This is true I lost 10 pounds in 12 day eating green tea. You belieave
    until u try and is not expensive

  7. I know she is lying, look how fat she is!

  8. She’s lying he paid her to say that

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