Lose Weight FAST: Detox and Do An Enema At Home

In this video I share how I used an enema at home to detox and jump start my weight loss. I will also show you how to use an enema safely at home. Enemas are great for detox cleansing. Summer…


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4 Responses to “Lose Weight FAST: Detox and Do An Enema At Home”

  1. Looking at your vlog,I might try using an enemas as part of my journey to a
    healthier lifestyle. I was wondering, how often do you use the enema and
    for how long you have been giving yourself them? Thanks.

  2. Wow! I ‘m older than you and that pink bag gave me quick flash backs to the
    70’s when everybody had that pink back hanging in their bathroom. You knew
    your mama used it to insert vinegar solution down there and afterwards the
    whole bathroom smelled liked vinegar for hours lol. DL Hugley joked about
    it playing with it as a kid by using it for koolaid! When I was coming up
    teenagers were too cool to use that pink bag and we used a product called
    Summer’s eve (Is it still out?). Then they said douches were bad for you
    and we stop using them. Although I believe some women need to use them to
    freshen themselves up lol.
    Dr. Oz recently talked about coffee enemas and many women used them for
    losing weight. He said they were a little too strong and some women were
    giving themselved enemas 4 times a day, 

  3. Bree Schweigart Reply May 5, 2014 at 1:51 am

    I’ve been wanting one. The site pulls up nothing :( 

  4. Very informative…thanks for sharing.

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