Juice Cleanse Before & After! Weight Loss Tips, Detox Diets, Urban Remedy Review

Brought to you by http://urbanremedy.com To learn more, visit http://urbanremedy.com Juice Cleanse Before & After! Weight Loss Tips, Detox Diets, Urban Remedy Review In this video, Certified…


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30 Responses to “Juice Cleanse Before & After! Weight Loss Tips, Detox Diets, Urban Remedy Review”

  1. Minister of Propaganda Reply December 21, 2014 at 8:03 am

    $75/a day x 3 days = $225 You can buy yourself a nice juicer for that price
    and do a detox whenever you want.

  2. This channel just lost its credibility! Obviously there is some undisclosed
    sponsorship involved here (something that will be outlawed soon in the UK
    by the Advertising Standards Authority). There is NO SUCH THING as a
    “detox” or a “cleanse” (try googling “detox hoax” yourself). While the
    product itself may be good quality (albeit extremely expensive), they
    should not make these false claims. The body benefits most from a
    long-term, *consistent* healthy diet. This doesn’t mean you have to eat
    salads all day – simply keep your intake of sugar, salt and fat within
    recommended daily amounts, and avoid processed food (make your meals from
    scratch using fresh ingredients). If you need to lose weight, ensure your
    food consumption provides a caloric deficit. Pro tip: ensure you have
    enough protein (at least 120g) with each meal, which will make you feel
    fuller for longer. Save your money – don’t fund these modern-day faith

  3. Do they ship internationally?

    Also, your audio levels where much better in this video, love the music
    choice ^.^ 

  4. I think I want to try this! I haven’t been too health lately.

  5. I think it’s great if you want to save money because it’s too expensive
    buying the food I know because I been juicing for a long time but I’ll
    think about it and do my counting first then I’ll see thanks Corrina!!

  6. I love lying and huggin and kissing my girl friends belly. 

  7. What is in the brownies? I thought brownies were only healthy for the soul!

    I could never afford their program, but your results are great. I would
    love to do a juice cleanse. Money is the thing, and fridge space. 

  8. For anyone who has come across this video these statements have not been
    evaluated by the FDA. The idea that you need a “cleanse” or to “detoxify”
    your body is nonsense. Your liver and kidneys will take care of any toxins
    in the body. If you feel like your body is full of toxins go to a licensed
    physician and ask to get blood work done.

  9. It is probably just the lighting but I like the before picture better
    easier to see your abs in a better pigment I thought in the skin. But
    perhaps the pigment was one of the things you were wanting to change with
    the cleanse maybe it was toxins. I’ll have to watch later and save

  10. Is there enough natural enzymes in these drinks that help digestion? Some
    how I recollect that juicing is better for this cause it is fresh. I stand
    to be correct. I hope to be wrong cause who has time to juice on a regular

  11. Why do you always have to rely on all sorts of “miracle” diets and drinks?
    You want to be slim? You want to be toned? Why dont you go outside and run
    10 km without break? Then you will see some real results. After pain, comes
    glory, remember that! Sports get you slim, not juices!

  12. Even still.. Before pic = hot

  13. Corrina, this is a bit disappointing to hear you promoting juice cleansing
    products because this kind of diet simply is not scientifically proven. our
    body has a sophiticated and capable system, ie liver, kidney, lungs and
    skin etc, to get rid off the “toxins”. Who need detrox treatment? those who
    has heavy metal or chemical poisoning must received medical detrox
    treatments, other that that, absolutely unneccessary.

    Plus, there juices are rudiculously expensive.

  14. Looking fabulous girl.

  15. very disappointed by this video. Stay neutral !!!!

  16. My mom gave me her juicer, di you have any recipes on making our own juice

  17. Thank god Corina, you were really letting yourself go. ;)

  18. This offer is only for USA residents only??

  19. Before = wicked hot, after = wicked hot, never mind the juicing give me a

  20. Upppps, I almost forget to tell you….Corrina you look so H O T…..

  21. Well the illumunati caught up with this channel in the end as well ;P.

  22. so youre getting no fiber in these juices?

  23. I bet Corrina’s piss taste like sweet lemonade!

  24. I think these are the onces that Khole Kardashian takes I have seen her
    drink it at their show even Kourtney too

  25. advertisement, shame

  26. Corrina…..I just L O V E YOU…

  27. swag

  28. like it

  29. Thanx i am usually on a very strict from March till November . And I’ve at
    whatever I want for 4 months . This will come on handy after xmas

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