Jessica’s Weight Loss Update Dieters Tea Quick Fix


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29 Responses to “Jessica’s Weight Loss Update Dieters Tea Quick Fix”

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  3. Your baby is sooooo cute.

  4. @MrPinklip3 Thank you very much and thanks for watching also.

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  6. Thank you! He’s almost 2 now.

  7. Hey! I’m Brandon.I did -25 lbs past 2 weeks.Go to

  8. I’m sorry fr being rude sista, I wanted to say GREAT VIDEO! love the info
    and the lil babies as well:) I have a little one but she wont sit still
    long enough to make vids…lol:) Thanks for posting!

  9. Awww… your kids are so adorable and you are gorgeous.

  10. The baby is soooooooooo cutttttttttttttttttttttte! OMG!

  11. exoticlady3scanines Reply December 29, 2013 at 2:39 am

    I like the 3 ballerina tea, when I’m feeling sluggish, tired, and can feel
    my body needs a cleansing. I let mine steep, remove the bags, add ice, more
    water, some lemon, and some splenda to flavor. It’s good for when I can’t
    go get a colonic. I can feel the difference after I’m cleansed, I feel a
    lot better after.

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    mom insists it helps people burn fat.

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  14. cutest baby awe

  15. I have been doing this, but i have been eating liquid soup like tomato soup
    adding cayenne pepper a teaspoon full. Drinking a lot of 100 percent juice,
    water. No soda. Oh yeah beautiful babies. I lost 48 pounds. I gained 10
    back so I’m starting over. I eat canned fruit, or fresh. Fish and shrimp.
    If you want to loose fast try the soups liquid soups put a small amount of
    shrimp in it.


  17. I am going to look it up thank you.

  18. The dieters tea is the fix. It’s still working for me. Plus the 2 shots of
    apple cider vinegar & the pink grapefruit you gave me. We did that like
    what, Sun, and today it’s still working. Great Vid Babe. Eli luvs the cam &
    Jake is being so good & quiet. Keep up the great work. Hi viewers, THESE
    SUGGESTIONS WORK!!!!! I dropped the 5 lbs in gained this morning.

  19. Thank You!

  20. Oh wow I never thought about drinking it cold or sweetening it , I didn’t
    know if it would have the same effect. I drink it straight even though it
    doesn’t taste that great lol. I haven’y done an actual colonic at a clinic
    in years. It was great and I felt a lot better but it can be pricey, so
    that’s why I stick with the teas and just try to watch what I eat. Thanks
    for watching!

  21. Thank you!

  22. exoticlady3scanines Reply December 29, 2013 at 5:44 am

    Yes, you can make it taste a lot better that way, it’s way more tolerable.
    I’ve tasted it warm and ugh, it tasted horrible. If you try it that way,
    it’s actually not bad at all and it works the same.

  23. Thank you I really need to consider that. You can lose weight fast with a
    liquid diet the only thing is because its not a realistic diet to stick to
    you can gain it back when you stop. So I would just try to find a way to do
    healthier choices and less starches and junk.

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  25. hahaha…why baby j threw up on cue……(hes a cutie tho) see you next yr

  26. You baby is too stinking cute!

  27. Thank you so much, he’s two now don’t think he will sit as still now lol.

  28. BlackHairandSkinCare Reply December 29, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Local beauty supply store? I just got some today can’t wait to try..well
    some what lol

  29. Thank so much and i don’t see how your being rude your just leaving a nice
    comment lol. Oh and yeah my baby would sit still then but he’s almost 2 now
    so its quite different now lol. Thanks for watching!

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