I’m losing weight with Japanese Green Tea!!!

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18 Responses to “I’m losing weight with Japanese Green Tea!!!”

  1. Love your scarf!

  2. 30 minutes cardio a day is required to lose weight. Go little by little,
    because is not healthy, losing to much weight in a short period of time.

  3. Good job mama! Glad this is working for you! XO

  4. i definitly will be trying this out! thanks for the suggestion. how does it
    taste though?

  5. Hmm, might have to try matcha after baby comes. Just be careful because the
    tannins in tea inhibit iron absorption so maybe when you have your kale
    juice make sure you get some vitamin C with it like from citrus fruits and
    don’t have the tea for an hour before or after.

  6. Yes green tea does wonders. I noticed a significant amount after my baby
    and was drinking it 2x a day. I like to add a little coconut oil to it with

  7. Whole Foods has it by The Republic of Tea brand. I add a little Truvia
    sweetener and I blend it/heat it in my Nepresso Aerocino frother.

  8. What sweetener do you add?

  9. This sounds great…I am breastfeeding my baby, I wonder if its ok since it
    has caffeine.

  10. Thanks for sharing about ur costco finds, I did get both bed sheets and tea
    on ur recommendation:-)) bed sheets r nice but they didn’t have much
    neutral collection in my costco and I m trying matcha tea now, was only
    drinking once a day bit may be I’d start drinking 3 times a day n see if it
    makes any diff. For losing weight. But it makes my mouth and throat so dry
    after drinking it, don’t know if its just me who’s feeling that, do u feel
    that as well?

  11. Love Japanese green tea! So happy it’s working for you!! XoxLori

  12. From where did you see it is Japanese green tea? It says Chinese origin. 

  13. do you breastfeed? its help alot if you want to lose weight

  14. Can u drink green tea while breastfeeding??

  15. That’s great! An asian friend of mine told me to use a heating pad for my
    stomach to reduce bloat and to roll a 2 liter coke over it. It worked for
    me. I also wrapped my stomach with ace bandage and belly band.m

  16. Your makeup looks incredible! What lipstick are you wearing? 

  17. Matcha is great! Matcha smoothies are awesome! Great job girl!

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