Iced Lemon Green Tea Recipe

This Iced Lemon Green Tea Recipe is great for loosing weight, I personally like this tea at breakfast. I know this is great for weight loss as I have used it…


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5 Responses to “Iced Lemon Green Tea Recipe”

  1. Great recipe!!! I’m gonna try it out now! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Thank you ! ill try this! I love green tea but hate it hot and the green
    tea in cans has too much sugar in it.. ill try it this way thanks

  3. mmm real iced tea Iced Lemon Green Tea Recipe

  4. Great recipe. Thanks for posting!

  5. I tried it 3 times now and I love it! thank you 😀 but on my 3rd time I cut
    out 1/2 an apple, cut it into small pieces, threw it in the jug while the
    water is still hot to make it sweeter (cuz I don’t wanna use sugar or any
    fake ass sweetener) wow and wow again you should try it!

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