How to Make Lemongrass Galangal Honey Green Tea (Great Drink for Colds & Flu) – CookwithApril

Hi friends! Welcome to Thirsty Thursdays when I occassionally upload a beverage video on Thursday! This is not a weekly series, but at least once a month. ❤ …


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41 Responses to “How to Make Lemongrass Galangal Honey Green Tea (Great Drink for Colds & Flu) – CookwithApril”

  1. What is galangal?

  2. It took minutes to make..

  3. Babysittinghorsegirl Reply November 13, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Galangal is in the ginger family, but not the same thing as ginger

  4. Virtualbeautycounter Reply November 13, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    This looks great, thanks for sharing!

  5. can you teach how to make thai tea?

  6. where di you get that tea seeper thingy!!????

  7. I have been sick for a while and This just what I needed. I’ll to Whole
    foods tomorrow to get it. They should have all the ingredients.

  8. dear April. you are the sweetest youtube guru i have ever seen! I just
    wanted to tell you that you could be my bff if it were possible! don’t ever

  9. can you do a video on how to make calzone? Its just a pizza thats inside

  10. i would love to try this tea, but i have absolutely no idea where to get
    half of the ingredients you are using :/

  11. Slushies, slushies, slushies!!! :)

  12. there’s one where you use a turnip. like the bigger ones not the tiny
    radishes. and you kinda dig out the insides to make a cup. and then take
    some honey and pour it in the opening. then you put it in a container with
    top and wait for say 3 hours and then open it and drink the liquid. the
    honey will go through the turnip. good for when you are sick.

  13. show how to make healthy smoothies?:)

  14. your future child will be so lucky because you make such good food. LOL

  15. hi april, i was just wondering where can i find galangal? do u think
    chinese supermarkets will carry them?

  16. perfect timing! i’m having flu right now. what i usually do with my
    leftover lemongrass is just boiling them, i like to drink it plain without
    any sugar. thanks for the recipe, april!

  17. what is Galangal?

  18. please do a video about oolong teas asap!!

  19. Spring Giddinessify Reply November 14, 2013 at 12:22 am

    yumm … where did you find your galangal at ?

  20. Hello ms. April. How are you today. I just subscribed to you by a friend
    refering me. Where can I get the lemon grass at

  21. do you have a half blood? half filipino?

  22. @daniellehalsall she has a link in the description box for amazon

  23. lol for the longest time i just realized now that we grew galangal in our
    garden. i always thought it was ginger.

  24. Aw I wish I could drink this :( I’m allergic to lemongrass :/

  25. i would loove to see a how to make a smoothie video 😀

  26. i just love lemon grass tea we drink a lot of that back in my country its

  27. great will try this! i love how ur cooking vids r so quick and to the point
    and super easy to follow.! cant wait for next weeks tasty tuesday!!

  28. I just love you videos April!!!!!! You are so sweet and always make me
    smile♥ I just have a little suggestion for you (pleeeeese don’t think I’m
    hatting! I know that you really what to make your channel better so here it
    is) You might think about changing the fount that you use in you videos, I
    think it does not look really professional, (but that’s just my 2 cents) I
    think that if u used a blank slide with a different fount that might make
    it look better. Please don’t be offended, cuz I ♥ u!

  29. lol when you said “thirsty thursdays” it sounded like thursday thursday!
    haha but i just got realllyy thirsty! looks ssso good!

  30. i will try it for sure ^__^

  31. Are you Thai? I have seen you make alot of Thai foods and they always look
    really good!

  32. ginger

  33. Lemongrass honey green tea? we use that a lot in food for taste well im
    Hmong thats why but i never tried it as a drink

  34. so cool i definetly need this

  35. This seems to helpful because I just came down with the flu :]

  36. Donya Yousefi-Azar Reply November 14, 2013 at 4:05 am

    where’s Justin ?

  37. YUM!! Love tea!! I drink it like everyday!! n_n


  39. where can we find one of those infusers? ive never seen that, it would save
    me alot of straining for the teas that i make! :)

  40. Galangal is available at any Asian supermarket, or any whole foods. You can
    sometimes find it at Walmart also.

  41. Could you show us how to make iced tea ? :) xo

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