How to make green coffee bean drink – Grinding Green Coffee – Dr.Oz extract lose weight

Documenting how I made this foul drink. Got some green coffee from vacation, wife told me to try it, did it for 7 days and went from 180lbs down to 174lbs.


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42 Responses to “How to make green coffee bean drink – Grinding Green Coffee – Dr.Oz extract lose weight”

  1. can I use green coffee bean pills in smoothie will it work

  2. Weightloss Natural Reply April 9, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Verry Nice,
    I use green coffee bean max tablets, i lost alot of pounds with this
    Joris S.

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  4. In answer to your question at Maria C/J Cliffors’s video, it takes
    8g of dry green coffee beans to get
    400mg of Coffea Canephora, which is one dose. Two or three doses per day is recommended. At least, that’s the information that I’ve found after a bit of searching.

  5. You can also soak them 2 days ahead of time without having to blend them.
    And when you at a bit of strawberry syrup it ends u tasting like coco lol

  6. If I add some cinnamon to this what will happened?? Will
    destroy Chlorogenic Acid?

  7. Hahahah it was so funny at the end of the video “hhhh it tastes horrible”
    :)))))))) you are so funny guy :)))

  8. Hi! If I breast feed can I use green coffe? Is it not dengerous?

  9. Hi Debora, I am from Ethiopia, Africa. Does Honduras produce coffee.
    Ethiopia, is the source of coffee in the world and we guess it comes from
    Keffa, a region well know for production of coffee. It is Natural, and wild
    as well. If you need to have it please ask me any time at letaman at yahoo
    dot com

  10. hi, i did lose 6lb in 7 days. BUT, thats just my results. i think if you
    want to use green coffee for weight lost, then you should check out green
    coffee extract

  11. I bought some and grouns it to dust in my nutribullet. I boiled water and
    used my frech press. It tastes like green tea to me.

  12. Thanks for sharing

  13. cool. thx for sharing. :)

  14. Pramila Shrestha Reply April 9, 2014 at 5:56 pm

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  15. Like the video (Y). Got 2 questions for you.. 1. There are many kinds of
    green coffee from different countries. So what kind of coffee did you use?
    2. How often are we supposed to drink it in order to lose weight? and
    thanks for your time :)

  16. yes, you can.

  17. i tried this after watching your video. I was up all night . did this
    happen to you. just curious.

  18. yes, for the most part it was my normal diet, 3 meals, etc… im still
    174lbs. btw, This stuff was expensive ($21 for the bag of coffee), i
    wouldnt use it for dieting. i just did it for fun/experiential.

  19. Ok, thanks for the info’ :)

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  21. wow. thats a good price. sounds like you should start your own coffee
    business :)

  22. Hi DIY, You know Ethiopia is the origin of coffee. And still you can get
    green tea in Ethiopia with out use of any insectcide. You know how much if
    cost for 1 Kg , 120 Birr. less than a dollar about 0.6 USD.

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  24. about the same amount i made in the video. some days i did twice the

  25. i drank 12 to 20 oz of green coffee for 7 days.

  26. Hi DIY Tinker, i wanna try this, i hope its safe and it works, i have
    access to a coffee farm just a few hundred kilometers from Nairobi Kenya, i
    want to take a drive this weekend and collect some beans, im really excited
    to try after reading about this issue, and after watching your video. E.K

  27. Hi, can you please post the exact recipe(amounts) the sound is not very
    clear. Also, did you drink the whole cup in the morning? not small amounts
    during the day?

  28. Jessy Moussallem Reply April 9, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    hello. I don’t have a magic bullet, can I directly put the green coffee
    beans into the water? tk you :)

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  30. hi, got it form Hawaii. i just drank one cup everyday. im not sure if this
    is the amount required for losing weight, but it worked for me. I stopped
    drining since then, and I was able to maintain the same weight for two

  31. how much did you drink per day? before/after you ate?

  32. i would love to enjoy green coffee. Please post your preparation methods
    and/or websites to visit.

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  34. DIY thank you so much. I am ready if any one wants to join the business.

  35. This is an informal video. Great that you lost so much weight in 1 week.
    Question? Did you ate normally with carbs etc, or eating 3 meals day? I
    have been searching for green coffee to drink for the weight loss but did
    not want “pill” extract version. The other ingredients in the
    exact…Chlorogenic Acid, it’s the ingredient found in the green coffee it
    appears so but still surfing the web. Look forward to your next vids.
    Thanks again.

  36. Can anybody give me ansewer pls….Who lose weight from ths cofee?Any green
    cofee is avalilable for lose weigh?I want try it ASAP

  37. hi, i did 2oz of green coffee to 12oz in the video above. i drank the whole
    cup every morning.

  38. do you drink 1 cup of green coffee a day?

  39. I am going to make another video of weight lost, what time i drank it,
    lesson learn, etc… But i always drank it 7am, felt hungry all day, felt a
    little energetic, hence, never had a sleeping problem because i drank it 7
    in the morning.

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