HOW to Lose Weight: Diet vs Exercise



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36 Responses to “HOW to Lose Weight: Diet vs Exercise”

  1. I rather NOT EAT, then exercise. I always end up puking when i work out.

  2. would would your advise for someone with some loose skin not masses juts
    where the belly used to be back of the arms and the thighs because that is
    me i lost 6 and a half stones of weight in 9 months but imy only regret is
    i didn’t wish my body to go into starvation mode i have the right waist
    size. back in february i was at 28% body fat but i have been lifting
    weights since then so it may have decreased so i decided to startt bulking
    by eating more protien instead of fat

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  5. Switch a few nuts instead of a sugary snack. A study from the City of Hope
    National Medical Center learned that fat people who ate a moderate-fat diet
    plan that contains almonds dropped more bodyweight over a control group
    that did not eat almonds. See enthusiastic weightloss story at:

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  7. I also find it’s best to only weigh myself once a month,at the start of
    each new month,so that you get a real trend of how it’s going and are not
    put off by the kind of rogue readings you can get if you’re checking
    yourself more or less daily.

  8. chef buff, i need help. i go the gym every once a week and i eat fairly
    normal. below 2000 a day or maybe a day above 2000. i went from 143 to 145
    within a week. am i gaining muscles or gaining fats? cause i’m quite short
    at 5 ft 4. i jog more than 3 times a week. 10-20 minutes of jogging per
    session. i have this stubborn belly fats that just won’t go for the past 5
    weeks. is there something wrong with my diet? cause i eat fairly healthy on
    most days but i do tend to eat fast foods. help

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  10. Put down the fucking fork or go to the gym for often.

  11. you have nice boobs!

  12. What the hell is up with the comments? There is no easy way to achieve
    success in losing weight, there’s only the least harder way. That’s the sad

  13. And he’s so rude

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  17. Also I find there is a delay of about a week to 10 days before whatever
    exercise I do takes effect on my waistline,so people do not get
    disheartened if you don’t see instant results!

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  19. You will lose weight, if its all fat or partially muscle is hard to say. I
    would say you will also lose muscle

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  21. bro will i see results if i ONLY do cardio? i do the hiit cardio on a
    stationary bike every day for like 20 minutes, and my diet is as clean as
    it can get(carbs almost completely gone, no sugary shit any of that) but
    i’m not lifting right now. Will i see great results with the high intensity
    cardio only?


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  35. love these vids man! is it right for me to believe that i can lose weight
    by just increasing the weight/reps and time i spend in the gym lifting
    weights? i hate cardio but love lifting and my calories are already quite
    low (2200). is there a risk of overtraining? if so, how much is too much?

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