How to lose weight 6 ez tips for weight loss Diet & weight loss

When it comes to diet, weight loss & health we get asked a lot of questions about how to lose weight and how to get healthy, dieting and which diets work. I never considered myself an expert…


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33 Responses to “How to lose weight 6 ez tips for weight loss Diet & weight loss”

  1. you must maintain/build muscle to stay young and in control of your
    bod…not starvation….workout….the years will not be kind
    otherwise…3x per week for 45 min at 70% of you 1 rep max or about 10 reps
    before failure…squats w 135 lbs, for example, as your goal…and no, i’m
    not a fucking troll

  2. Man with a Handycapped Reply September 28, 2014 at 4:03 pm


  3. Sad how all these spammers try to piggyback off your channel, I wouldn’t
    use any of their products. Good advice from you though.

  4. Great Vid and love your energy! Another easy tip is to drink a glass of
    water with lemon before a meal, this way you’ll feel fuller a bit faster
    when you’re eating, because the stomach can only hold 2.2 lbs. at once, so
    it’s a lot harder to over eat. Very easy to do, try it out, worked for me.
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  7. Jhon navarro bermudez Reply September 28, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    I was overweight, suffered much, but Losing weight should be a desicion
    leave the soul, the heart, it is the difference between feeling full and
    made and be unhappy forever that my help me maybe you should look like you
    too can help! I wish you success from now on.

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  9. Health & Dieting 6 ex weight loss tips

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  11. Thank you my friend…very true. You can’t survive SHTF tomorrow if you
    can’t walk to the mailbox today. :)

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  13. I’ve heard Crown has somewhat of a cleansing effect lol :)

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  17. I belive you are wrong, some diets do work very well and are sustainable.
    In the resent 5 months i’ve lost 58 pounds only by changing my diet and I
    feel great. There are people out there who need to lose a lot of weight and
    you should not tell them that diets dont work, because they do. Try Low/No
    Carb, High Fat/Protein

  18. Thanks Allen :)

  19. Thank you my friend…. feel free to share it with your friends :)

  20. Sooo true!! great video! keep it up!

  21. Thanks Akeem :)

  22. Tight!

  23. Must be a really crappy product if you have to resort to spam to advertise

  24. Must be a really crappy product if you have to resort to spam to advertise

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  26. Hi Cindy. Nice video. Are you two taking any supplements?

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  28. Great video and advise! I’ve lost 20 lbs from exercising and changing the
    eating habits. I work 4pm to 4am, night shifts bad for the eating habits.
    Instaed of pop & junk food, it’s water, tea and fruit and trail mix. Also,
    switched to the Clif energy bars a occational snack.

  29. Such great tips. Hopefully everyone taking notes :-)

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  31. Great suggestions :)Thanks

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