How to Count Your Calories to Lose Weight Fast and See Results! No More Excuses!

There is NO SECRET to LOSING WEIGHT. It’s all about CALORIES CONSUMPTION. If you want to lose weight, the calories you burn per day needs to be more / greate…


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41 Responses to “How to Count Your Calories to Lose Weight Fast and See Results! No More Excuses!”

  1. thank you so much for sharing this information i lost 99lbs in a year due
    to eating very clean and strict workouts and this video is going to help me
    take my fitness journey to the next level thank you again so much very
    informative have a blessed and wonderful day ahead GOD BLESS YOU

  2. I just calculated and figured out that I eat way too little. (I can eat
    1527 to lose a pound a week but I eat 1200). I think that’s the reason I
    plateaued…FOR A WHOLE MONTH! I am an active person (dance 4-5 days a
    week for an hour or so and do pilates for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week).
    I think I might need to increase my calories to 1400. Thanks for the info!
    Got me on the right way! :)

  3. Great!!!!

  4. most helpful advice out here. I saved your video to my playlist. thanks

  5. Hi Joanna! I could actually hug you right now! For so many weeks i wanted
    to know all this stuff and you have spoken! Thank you so so much! Love your
    work. I love you! :* xo

  6. U’r really very helpful thanks for the great video nd for the great
    channel! <3 

  7. Very informative

  8. Thank you Joanna… I am enjoying your videos so much… what would you say
    to a person who fell of the wagon and have to start all over again, words
    of motivation to start all over again.

  9. I’m on the process now. I used to go on diet and I would only eat so little
    per day. But now I’m changing my lifestyle to be healthier and happier as
    well!!! Your vids are really useful and inspirational. Thank you so

  10. +Joanna Soh dear Joanna, if i consume a little more than my BMR i gain
    weight. Why?

  11. Thank you Joanna. This is the best, straight-forward and precise
    explanation of how calorie intake vs. calorie expenditure create a person’s
    body weight. Well done!

  12. Hey, I “workout” daily but only walk for about 15-30 minutes so i listed
    myself as slightly active. I calculated that I would be able to consume 1
    649.5875 calories. If I wanted to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks I would need
    to consume and work out 833 calories. Im not sure if consuming 816
    calories a day would be healthy considering I’m 16. If you have any advice
    please respond, and thank you for all the wonderful videos!

  13. Excellent explanation of BMR!!!

  14. Is it possible to loose 25 pounds in 12 weeks? 

  15. if i consume less than my calorie intake but i eat unhealthy(ice cream,
    fast food, candy, etc), would i still lose weight?

  16. thank you so much for this informative video! I was wonder another thing,
    how often should we recalculate our BMR during our weightloss? 

  17. very helpful thanks 

  18. great and informative video! now I know why I am not losing weight….
    numbers do matter =(

  19. thanx soo much i was trying to get this information for long times i read a
    lot of articles but non of them gave me a clear picture as u did . thank u

  20. this was so helpful! Thank you!

  21. Hi im 15 years old and im a male. I weight 86.6 kg and i want to lose 20
    kg, and i am 165 cm. I want to lose it this summer. I want to know is it
    possible? I want to lose 1 kg pr. week.
    How much calories do i need to eat, and can i get loose skin?

  22. Your channel is sooo helpfull

  23. Thank you Joanna, . I’ve learned a lot from your videos. This one is
    important for estimating calories to consume and make a realistic time plan
    to reach that goal. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal a free online food diary
    that calculates calories, carbs, proteins, fats and sugar. I will
    subscribe, I appreciate your God work.

  24. i been eating 1300- 1565 calories perday including fat calories i weigh
    125 pounds i think iam doing this right? i can see results been doing this
    for 1 month and a half now + i workout 45 minutes and sometimes 65 minutes
    per day i workout everyday … do my body require more calories ? am i
    working out too many days?. just double checking

  25. Joanna,
    I calculated the calories I need to burn/save and it came to 1,093.75/day
    which, based on my BMR of 2050 calories, leaves me with only 956 calories I
    can eat per day! Much less than the 1200 cal minimum you stated. Does this
    mean I should work out daily and burn 300 calories so I can at least get
    the minimum you recommended? Or should I burn more? My goal is a bit long
    term (70lb by the end of the year and 8lb per month). Please help :-/

  26. there’s a few things wrong with this video… first being, you aren’t gonna
    build any muscle while in a calorie deficit and second being, when you said
    the only way to get muscle is through working out, diet doesn’t make it
    happen is false. your diet must be sufficient in order to put on muscle. if
    it’s not, you can work out all you want, you wont put on an ounce of

  27. By my calculate I can only eat 1023 calories a day to lose 5kgs in 8
    weeks.. :/

  28. Mette Guldbæk Pedersen Reply April 9, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Hey Im a little confused by the application part. I recently started my
    weightloss journey but I need to losee 52,1 kilos to reach my goal, but I
    dont know how long it will take or how long I want it to take because its
    like a life style changing so I dont want to loose the weight too fast but
    not too slow eighter in order to stay on track :)

    According to the formular Im supposed to consume 1844 calories to maintain
    my weight but as I want to lose it I dont know how much to eat less :)
    Please help :) 

  29. lady inspiration, thank you!

  30. mustafa alhumeiy Reply April 9, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Nice video .. Now i will do my calculation .. Will u make a video about
    macros ??

  31. This is so helpful

  32. Vivian Tristesse Reply April 9, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    I’ve been eating 800-1200 Calories a day since recovering from my eating
    disorder. I’m not losing weight. Instead, by BMR lowered. I know this
    because I developed bradycardia; my resting heart rate has been as low as
    42, and my blood pressure is often around 72/49. These are indicators of a
    slowed metabolism. So in short, don’t be like me. Don’t restrict, because
    you will never be able to eat ‘normally’ again if you do what I did. I used
    to simply not eat. 

  33. Hey Joanna,
    I’m confused: is it kilo calories or calories you are talking about?
    On the package of food, it is always in kilo calories?
    Thanks :)

  34. and if we loose the kilos we want then how many calories will increase

  35. If some one suffering from arthritis how to loose weight

  36. Do you make these awful mistakes in your diet? Go Google Skinnimaker System
    to find out.

  37. Thank you so much I almost cried watching the end of the video the most
    important thing I needed was patience and loving myself you right change
    your mind it will change your life

  38. you look like Sandara here — but only a tiny bit c:

  39. when you said 1 – 3 times of exercise per week, what is the duration each

  40. i got lost,help please! so my BMR is 1439.65. after i multiplied it by 1.2
    (no exercise activity) i got 1727.50. so i should eat less than 1727.50 but
    more than 1439.65, is that correct? 

  41. THanks very helpful

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