How to BREAK a Weight Loss Plateau and Start Losing Again



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33 Responses to “How to BREAK a Weight Loss Plateau and Start Losing Again”

  1. How to BREAK a Weight Loss Plateau and Start Losing Again
    -> New Video Every Saturday.. (Y)

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  3. hi sapna, i m bhakti. my normal weight is 63kg now i m 78 kg. people says i
    m cute/ pretty. but that never satisfy me. i want to wear hot pants again.
    my bf is out of country for next 8 month, he accepted me the way i m even
    fat. but i want to surprise him with sexy body of 55 kg. and also look sexy
    again. so plz help me. i also change my self. i don’t have jim around my
    native place. so plz suggest me where i can do wht loss at home. i know
    even being fat how much i appropriate sexy dress. plz plz plz. i really
    wanted to share my pics so u can know real pics of mine so u will know me.

    I know 1 thing for sure i.e. being fat isn’t mean that we r not beautiful.
    i love the way u changed, i dream for me same not that much at least
    somewhere near 60kg.
    i love u. keep motivating people…. :*
    (i m not lesbo)

  4. Hi sapana please suggest how much calories we need per day

  5. its fab!!! <3

  6. You’re hot, me like!

  7. i count calories i work out cardio plus weight training 5time a i
    am stuck in a weight its not going down anymore..what to do??

  8. hey sapna…my height is 5.6 inch,n weight is 75kg n age 22. so cn u please
    guide how to increase height . kindly please reply

  9. Just now my sister routed me to watch these videos and am just loving
    watching your videos , the way you are motivating is simply awesome , keep
    going on . And i will take you words and will start weight training as well
    from tomorrow , for one year i have done only just cardio , in the first
    month i burned around 4kgs and then in the next eleven months i hardly
    reduced 2 kgs and then disappointed and have taken a break for 6 months and
    i again put up those lost 5 kgs and again started working

  10. Hey…how do I go through your diet and workout plan on facebook? I cant
    find you there.

  11. Increase your calorie intake and do HIIT. That’s your answer. i reduced my
    waist from 36 to 30 in 3 months. All the best!

  12. hiii i want to loose lower body fats as in my upper body is reduced the
    problem is wid thighs so wat should be done??

  13. hallo very respect that u can throw away that kg….im not srong
    enough like u… i feel like no point to reduce my weight even im
    study in medical.wherever i go,,all people call me sister even though they
    was old then 21 y.o.when i bring my brother(11 y.o),people ask ;is’t
    ur son….my god….i hate that sentence but i cant do anythg…..sapna
    help me please….

  14. Ms patel..what is cardio training…..this is the first i am watching your

  15. Hi Sapna…u r my inspiration <3

  16. Hi Sapna, i do both cardio, weight training and change it every 4 weeks but
    still my weight is not reducing. Due to work i have to travel so how do i
    maintain my diet and how to calculate the calories..please please suggest.

  17. this video wat greatly inspired me., thanks sooooooo much for u for making
    this such a great video. may ur kind deed will be rewarded.

  18. Hey Sapna … What did u do to take care of your hair post workouts??? …
    By the way I want to tell u that your videos have greatly inspired me just
    because i faced a similar situation to that you faced when you where fat &
    while i was in search for a solution i came across your videos & trust me u
    changed my life & i can see remarkable change in my body over the weeks …
    great job your doing hats off . I wish i quickly put down & make videos
    like you which could inspire many many more :)

  19. hiii sapna… m walking for half an hour a day nd hving green tea twice a
    day but still there is no change in my body

  20. hii sapna this is nikki here… i want to reduce my figure upto 15 kgs
    within 2 months will you pls help to get out of this prblm please…

  21. hi sapna thanks alot for this video…i m soo facing this problem and u juz
    solved it for me…thank u soo much…. :)

  22. hi, ur seriously doing a gr8 job….i almost lost 18- 20 kgs and still have
    a little of stomach fat and also it has become loose…pl suggest to kkep
    the skin tight nd also exercises to reduce waist P.S: all credit goes to u
    for inspiring me to reduce weight

  23. Im a busy worker.. i have overtime almost everyday… what am i suppose to
    do to get work out.. i mean i dont have time to do sport…

  24. Hiya, have you heard about Exyph Fat Loss? (search for it on google) You
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  25. Hiya, have you heard about Exyph Fat Loss? (search for it on google) You
    will find out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With
    Exyph Fat Loss, you will discover how to burn up fat quickly.

  26. yeahh thankuu…..will stay inn touch to givee the updates… 😀

  27. Anirban Mookherjee Reply December 24, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Hi Sapna, I seemed to have hit a weight loss plateau and the problem with
    me is that I can’t have good healthy food. I stay away from my family in a
    different city. When I have control over what food I eat, I lose fat
    noticeably. But anyway now it has come to a halt. So what are the best
    strategies I can apply at this point?

  28. hey sapna me jst 18 n over weight plzz tell me hw shud i loss my weight

  29. Beautiful…..u are a rockstar miss woww..keep up the good work :)

  30. hey bud.. this is a very common problem, I hear it almost everyday. Guess
    what.. I have made a video based on your comment.. I am going to post it
    tomorrow.. do check it out (Y)

  31. I start with a good diet plan, follow it for few days and then comes a
    friends party. I give up on my self-control and eat everything that comes
    in front of me. All the efforts that I had put in earlier go down the
    drain. How do I stay motivated?

  32. that’s so motivating buddy… your feedback means a lot ^_^ 😀 see you
    every satruday… cheers (Y)

  33. <3 you

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