How to Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight without Dieting



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29 Responses to “How to Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight without Dieting”

  1. all your videos are good and really inspiring and thank you for sharing all
    your experiences and helping us.i’m now 65 kg and need to just reduce to 50
    kg is is easy for me to do it in 2 months time. 

  2. Yadu VENKATA NAGA SIVA KESAVA KUMARMUNTHA Reply December 24, 2013 at 7:38 am

    Hi Sapna,you said we should take small meal every 2 to 3 hours,so let me
    how many kacls should be take per each meal?

  3. hlo sapna,my age is 19 and my weight is 65+plz tell me how to reduce my
    weight plz rply???

  4. Sapna i have seen all ur video’s and they are really wow…..thax…it
    really helps

  5. Sapna you are absolutely right about your metabolism, but for older folks
    like myself hormones play a huge part to increase your metabolism. Most
    people over 50 really needs to maintain all their hormones, leptin, HGH,
    cortisol, & insulin, you can’t just focus on one hormone at a time—you have
    to work to get them all in tune working in harmony again. I am the owner
    and self-evidence of Live the Organic Life/ metabolism. I am glad to see
    the younger generation live better.

  6. Please make videos on work outs n diets which u have opted. Loveeeee uuu.
    Ua an inspiration

  7. I’ve done almost all kinds of diet programs, but it didn’t work. It just
    worked for dieting period. and also all those diet programs left me severe
    stretch marks, low self-esteem and no motivation. I’m just scared to do
    another diet programs, but I deadly want to lose weight, because all the
    people saying to me that I’m FAT!

  8. In how much time did u lose 1 kg

  9. She’s so sexy

  10. you should be like taylor swift

  11. I don’t eat much but still a little fatty :(((

  12. I used to be able to eat whatever i wanted and never gain a pound now i gai
    weight so,easily

  13. mahalakshmi vadladhi Reply December 24, 2013 at 10:03 am

    thank you sapna ….. its really effective

  14. I concentrate more on u than yours suggestions. u r wowwww !!!

  15. How about intermittent fasting…

  16. Hi Sapna is it okay to take metabolism booster medicaments . I’ve seen some
    of ’em in wallmart

  17. hey sapna is cardio=dance

  18. Hey Sapna, hope you are well. I wait for your videos and posts every week.
    I must really really thank you for all your help. You can’t imagine how
    you have touched my life. I count you in my prayers. Stay wow! Stay Sapna!
    Stay Blessed! Heaps of love to you :)

  19. hello sapna, thank you for inspiring us to lose weight.. if you don’t mind
    me asking, can you please share with us your workout routine when you
    initially kickstarted? am also trying to step out of my comfort zone and
    shed those excess pounds, but i find it really difficult to workout, i get
    exhausted very easily, also my whole body would pain the next day. :( can
    you please suggest a few types of workout for beginners like me??

  20. Do we really need to take vitamins, calcium, omega-3 fatty acid and
    antioxidant tablets if we are trying to lose weight? Also. your skin looks
    amazing. Plz make a skin care video. :) u r my inspiration! Stay wow 😛

  21. hello sapna… I have a question… being an engineering student, we have
    to study late nights so suggest anything to reduce hunger at night.

  22. by the way, you look great… 😀 😀

  23. hey sapna,can i have sugercane juice daily??iam trying 2 loose my wt.can i
    compensate my dinner with it ?

  24. Sapna Vyas Patel ji looking sooos super woooooow

  25. Thank uh so much for ur great tips for my workout! Thank you for ur
    motivation 😉 take care

  26. I thought u will upload video tomorrow. I was waiting for tomorrow that on
    what topic u will make video but u made one day before and I am so happy.
    :) I want to suggest u that can u upload ur seminar videos because i don’t
    live in Gujrat

  27. Hi, Thanks for your amazing video, I really appreciate it and you inspires
    me a lot. I have several questions for you. First, I have a habit that I
    often eat before sleep. When I don’t eat something before bed, I often
    become not to fall asleep. So in this case, how do I have to? Second, I
    know that I have to restrict my calories intake, but I usually fail not to
    eat more. So how do I suppress my appetite on my own? Anyway, Thanks again
    for your really helping video.

  28. You look great! I need some advice for eating healthy when I am busy or on
    the run. I generally gravitate towards the greaser, meatier food on very
    busy days, where i can only have two meals a day.

  29. Thank you !! It was very useful and by the way u r looking GREAT 😀

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