How much green tea should one take in one day?

The edible green tea we talk about here is Tai Chi Green Tea: Testimonials:…


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9 Responses to “How much green tea should one take in one day?”

  1. I read a study saying the more you drink the better. But green tea
    supposedly inhibits your ability to absorb iron so you’d really have no
    choice but to limit yourself depending on your eating habits.

  2. Do I use hot water for my green tea? Please advice

  3. @kaya liu you can drink 2 if you feel OK after drinking it. but you have to
    eat a little more if you drink green tea.

  4. Ni hao, I am not really skinny but i am littlee bit underweight, i heard
    green tea gives u nice skin and look young. Now shud i drink only once a
    day but after a meal?

  5. Now are you saying the other brands of Green Tea is not as good ? And can I
    find Decaf Tai Chi Green tea?

  6. Most people can have 1-2 packets (2-4 grams) of green tea a day.
    Overweighted people may take 3-4 packets a day.Some cannot take that much.
    People who have high blood pressure must figure out how much they can take.
    If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may only be able to have a few
    pieces of the tea one time. Skinny people must eat a little more after
    taking green tea. It does not matter how many cups of green tea you drink,
    what it matters is the amount of the raw tea you consume.

  7. is taichi green tea sold at park en shop en watsons?

  8. Drinking my first tea cup now :) its pretty good. Im using a china cup and
    refill 3 times and then swallow it all?

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    order online.

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