How I lost weight healthy lifestyle ♡ Weight Loss/Healthy eating♡ “How To Lose Weight”

Hi beauties, welcome back to my channel. This video was one of the scariest iv ever but up because it was so personal. I was terrified for soooo many reasons one you would all hate. If you…


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25 Responses to “How I lost weight healthy lifestyle ♡ Weight Loss/Healthy eating♡ “How To Lose Weight””

  1. Guys this was a seriously personal video for me to make and I hope you get
    some tips on keeping healthy.. Don’t forget if you have any questions I
    will do my best to answer them

  2. Very smart and beautiful woman.

  3. Hi, im still in high school and i feel like since i eat food so early i was
    get hungry at night, I’ve been working out every single night for the past
    2 weeks and nothings changed and i have no idea what to eat that will keep
    me fulfilled and is healthy ): school i feel like is what makes it hard for
    me to lose weight 

  4. You are beautiful. And that bikini is the cutest! You looked gorgeous. 

  5. Your so pretty and this has helped me so much thank you :) x

  6. Ty for the tips theyr’e very helpful im gng to try them its so hard for me
    to stick to a healthy diet! You’re gorgeous!:)

  7. Loved this so much actually amazing!!!

  8. Wow you look incredible in that bikini hunny sooo stunning perf figure!!
    you are sooo right that you are what you eat. I have a weird metabolism i
    can never put on any weight no matter what i eat and i used to eat choc and
    crisps all the time and am about 5 kilos underweight :/ its crazyy but have
    started to eat a whole lot better and I find myself having more energy xxxx

  9. Thanks for the tips :)

  10. Great video! Simple, clear and very helpful. Thank you! :) <3

  11. Love your nutrition guide! :) I strongly agree with healthy eating (go
    veggies and lean meat!), thus I have to work more on that since I tend to
    skip meals (esp breakfast)! Also, you have such killer abs! (share your
    exercise routine?) 😀 Watching this made me suddenly want to eat oatmeal
    lol You’re awesome ^ _ ^

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge , you really explained everything
    really well. You look amazing xx

  13. Daaaamn girl! Your body is in real. Great tips shared in this video. I fell
    off the healthy wagon a bit when I was sick last month but I’m getting back
    on track & this video motivated me. I don’t care about losing weight I just
    want to have good health & feel confident in my skin. Fantastic video,
    thanks for sharing. Xxxx

  14. SO glad you uploaded this hun! Will be so helpful to so many people and you
    explained everything so well. Also, dayum girl looking fiiiiine! :) xxx

  15. The first video on weight and nutrition on YouTube that I feel will
    actually help me..thank you! Subbed.

  16. Since about a week i’ve been eating lots and lots of fruits, and more
    vegetables. I’ve since then been feeling so much better and energetic! Im
    gonna make this a habit and do it all the time

  17. I could tell you were a bit uncomfortable while shooting the body shot.
    Usually women with hot bodies do not hesitate taking off their clothes. I’m
    5’5 and 125-130 lbs( taking a wild guess because I don’t remember the last
    time I weighed myself) I’m content with my body. I just want to be able to
    keep my energy as the years go by. I’m 28 and work 2 jobs, plus I’m a mommy
    so I need as much energy as I can get. Thank you for the food tips.
    Substituting meat for nuts is absolute genius! I’m not a fan of meat(not a
    vegetarian) I just never really liked meat. So to know so many different
    options is great!

  18. NakedWithoutMyLippy Reply December 10, 2014 at 5:37 am

    FIGURE! OMG! This was a really educational video Aisling, really well done.
    I don’t think you will get hate for this and if you do it is pure jealously
    because you look unreal and know what the hell you are talking about unlike
    so many people. Your abs are unreal, your bikini shot was great. XX

  19. Is two weetabix and milk a good alternative to porridge? Thank you

  20. Loved the video! And loved the way you asked for respect. It takes a lot to
    do a non personal YT vid, so much respect for ya! Glad you added the bikini
    shot, very inspirational. I juice, if I juice a “serving” of beets, am I
    still “in taking” a serving? Hope that made sense. TFS!!!!

  21. thank you for making this video :) Really helped me see the big picture of
    a healthy lifestyle. You have a gorgeous body and very inspiring x

  22. You’re awesome. You’re genuine, sincere and educated advice was so cool.

  23. This video is amazing! It is so informative :) x

  24. I love this video, very informative!

  25. God finally such a breath of fresh air that u can actually eat and lose it
    with workouts. otherwise all videos i see these days is go low carbs or no
    carbs grrrr. i feel sick without whole wheat bread, rice, and other carbs.
    thank u so much for making this video dear. as u got your nutritionist
    education can u plz tell how true it is if u eat any kind of wheat u cannot
    have flat tummy? plz plz plz answer me i will be so thankful. and could u
    plz make a video on how your typical day diet looks like? what u eat and
    what and how long u workout throughout the day? plzzzzzzz 

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