How I lost weight

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29 Responses to “How I lost weight”

  1. Jude is so cute! Kisses to you too little Jude! ;D Sonia, I wish I had had
    someone like you so many years ago when I had my babies. I think I would
    have been a different person now. Girls, listen to Sonia and follow what
    she says. She’s so right about everything. From one who knows. :)

  2. Intant smile when i saw Jude :)

  3. ImposibleDeOlvidar90 Reply April 12, 2014 at 11:32 am

    i need to looose some weight asap! i leave on vacation in 2 weeks.. how
    much weight can i loose ;((

  4. Your son is too cute! I love coke myself but I know I need to cut back to
    dish the pounds.

  5. Sonia! I <3 you!

  6. @navygirlist :]

  7. theperfectsetting Reply April 12, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I LOVE sparkling flavored water! I hate plain water and i gave up soda 5
    years ago so sometimes i crave carbonation so thats why I love sparkling

  8. cool(: Im glad your doing it the healthy way. haha there have been lke a
    bunch of gurus posting health and exercise tip videos lately :S lol

  9. once in a blue moon its good to cheat on your diet but dont go to the point
    where you going to scarf down loads of sodas. dont ever deprive yourself
    from the things you enjoy, when you deprive yourself from sugar while your
    on your diet, because later on your diet is going to screw up because
    you’ve deprive yourself from sugar now you want more

  10. @99bellabella thanks lol. you didnt ask a question…but thank you for
    watching my videos ;}

  11. Thank you its very much appreciated…

  12. @KristenJn EVERYONE in my family has Diaetes. Its sad. I know I should stop

  13. this is great advice! i’ve always struggled with my weight (i’m 15) and
    obviously i still live with my parents. i always have these moments where
    i’m like “okay, i’m gonna start eating healthy” but the problem is my
    family buys so much junk for my little sister and my dad and when i ask
    them to stop they say “well you don’t have to eat it” but obviously it’s
    tempting to me when it’s staring me right in the face! do you have any
    advice? what should i do? xoxo thanks so much

  14. @ilovemywrillies kids are annoying but they are kids! I didnt want to be a
    mom…but he was a blessing and now I cant see my life without him

  15. Try flow yoga.. It helps too.. and you can actually tone and loose weight..
    but in a more healthy and fun way.. :)

  16. TheBarbiesVanity Reply April 12, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    i have been working out doing abs and i feel so good im really seeing a
    difference because i also had an eating disorder and told myself ill feel
    better if i try and not just make myself throw up all the time great video
    i also love coconut water!!

  17. Check out I do those workouts at home and it has changed my
    body a lot I lost 20 lbs by eating right and doing that. You can do the
    workouts at home good luck.

  18. triracialbeauty2 Reply April 12, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I must be the only person on the planet that thinks coconut water is gross.
    Though I am EXTREMELY picky about beverages. A lot of things people like I
    think are too sweet. I even tried the pineapple coconut water. A freak
    about breastfeeding,lol. Anyone with sense will at least try. By your 6
    week checkup, you can lose ALL your pregnancy weight. I nursed my second
    daughter until she weaned herself at 21 months. I’m all for breastfeeding:)

  19. Are you wearing anything on your lips?

  20. Nice to see you talking about life once in a while : ) xxoo take care

  21. Aw cute !! Green tea is also really good for weightloss and your health

  22. @kikismommy1 you go girl! I wish you lived near me…play dates and Id run
    with you. Thats what I need is a partner haha

  23. Marilyn Kiriyanthan Reply April 12, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    You really remind me of Kourtney Kardashian! Definitely beautiful!! Thanks
    for making this video, it was a lot of help!

  24. @sweetlondra i gained 30lbs with jude and I felt like I gained a little
    more after he was born but thanks to breastfeeding I shed those pounds
    quicker than I thought.

  25. @shinybabe12 thank you!

  26. Its nice to see you having healthy snacks for your kid! A lot of parents
    just buy them packaged snacks with tons of sodium and sugar. Best to start

  27. @TheBoombamcha girl when you find out let me know. I am still a work in

  28. @simpletulip Hi, if you know what the cords are, can u find a listing on
    ebay with the door jams and message it to me? i want to buy the right thing
    but I am not familiar with this type of equipment. thanks!

  29. @LovinJae12 I have the footage. I need to upload that asap

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