High Fat Low Carb Diet Weight Loss, Autoimmune Diseases & Gut Irritating Foods, Gut Health

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34 Responses to “High Fat Low Carb Diet Weight Loss, Autoimmune Diseases & Gut Irritating Foods, Gut Health”

  1. Katherine C. Appleton Reply August 30, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    It’s im­possible for losing fat in safety with­out having w­or­kout
    properly and handle the nutrition. Pills and drugs includes dangerous side

  2. Hmmm…I don’t agree with some of the things you mentioned. Eat the veggies
    and don’t fear eggs. God isn’t stupid! If you wanna avoid nuts, go ahead
    but nuts are filled with good saturated fats and your body and brain LOVE
    fat. You are fearing all the good natural foods that God has provided you
    to eat. You mention all the amazing natural foods to avoid but you forgot
    to mention Alcohol!? Just follow a Keto diet: High fat, moderate protein
    and very low carb. Human records show that this is the way Humans have
    always eaten. No cavemen BS…this is silly and unproven scientifically.
    it’s a fartytale story. You are free to check it out or not.

    God bless,

  3. Speaking of Autoimmune problems its good to note that rice has gluten in
    it. ALL GRAINS have gluten in it. When you pick up a ‘gluten free’ product
    it is only referring to one specific type of gluten that has been
    rigorously tested over the years, but there are thousands of different
    types of gluten all of which are found in grain that have not been properly
    studied, some not even at all.. If you are gluten intolerant you need to
    avoid ALL grains and not just the products that say gluten free. Its a
    hard choice to make and fact to swallow but its the truth. People should in
    general not eat any form of grain.

    To sum it up gluten will damage your gut and your gut has 80-90% of your
    immune system in it and when that gets compromised it causes an endless
    list of conditions. Gut problems are the root cause of all other forms of
    degenerate conditions.

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  5. If nuts are an anti-nutrient, why do studies show people who eat nuts have
    fewer heart attacks and strokes? Some advocate soaking for 8 hours or so
    before eating them. Bananas are fattening, for some reason. Eating regular
    grocery store meats will likely lead to cancer, which is main problem with
    high protein diets.

  6. eating my bacons on a daily

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  10. you should try out just eating egg yolks. The whites are what have the
    antimicrobial properties. The yolks have all the nutrients/fat anyway

  11. 19grinnbearit, Baaahaaa!!. Cain killed Able.Cain was a vegetarian. Look
    where grain got him! He was the first muderer! Although Able was dead Cain
    became a marked man….Haaa Haaa! You sorta look like a devil ya
    know… God Says: Meat Good, Grain Bad! BAAAA HAAAA Devil man! Abel
    established himself as a shepherd, while Cain went into farming. (Genesis
    4:1-2)Cain brought “of the fruit of the ground”, and Abel brought the
    firstborn of his flock to slaughter.The Lord was pleased with Abel’s
    offering, but turned up His nose at Cain’s “fruity” sacrifice. This made
    Cain angry, and he had a long face.And the rest is History! Sorry devil
    man… you look a little pale and your eyes hallow..EAT BEEF! BAAA Haaa!!!

  12. so basically we all should just eat lettuce

  13. good imformation thank you ,Ihave been doing the same thing Iwas on a low
    fat diet and now i have tried every thing to loose but can’t i really
    needed that fat and didn’t know what i was doing but now i will up my fat
    and lower my carbs i hope i loose so far i eat about 2 table spoons of
    olive oil a day i know i need more fat but its scary i am still am not
    loosing i stop working out in the gym because i was doing the same thing
    this person was doing eating to many carbs anyway thanks so much i will
    check back to see what other talks you might have .

  14. Boo

  15. Basically what you saying is don’t eat anything just take a shit and eat

  16. This idea that we are all different, and therefore need to eat differently,
    does not ring true to me. Studies done on societies that eat the same way
    show similar health results. All frogs eat flies, all cows eat grass, you
    get the point. Because cows can eat corn, doesn’t mean they should be
    eating it. cintronbrandon, you have so much to learn, I have no idea why
    you are trying to make a teaching video. You just like to hear yourself
    talk? You should spend your time doing a lot more learning instead of
    trying to teach others what to do.

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  18. yeah, vegan power

  19. have you seen my bloodwork? why would you ever say something so stupid and
    false?, ur just a butthurt vegan

  20. i guess you’re not familiar on how are brains grew and that fat turns into
    glucose and can be used for energy and is more optimal, especially for
    burning fat, anti aging, and hormone production, and less of a lipid count
    and less oxidation in the blood, I’m not arguing with you, just trying to
    school you a bit on biochemistry and anthropology, its more than a dogma
    diet sweety,

  21. this is not vegan agenda crap. it is a fact. and maybe some people react to
    food differently. also carbohydrates are the only source of glucose in
    foods; glucose is necessary for the mitochondrial functions at the cellular
    level. Brain function requires an adequate supply of glucose.

  22. Buddy, im not saying we don’t need fat. I’m saying that carbs are also very

  23. I’ll pass on the fruit morning, noon and night diet. Boring.

  24. Very good advice! I was vegan for a couple months then I switched back over
    to paleo been doing it for about a month and i feel really good! Keep up
    the vids

  25. Thanks for your vids Brandon! Do you think that eating so much pork is good
    since they are basically grain fed increasing omega 6 way over omega 3?
    Same with chicken and eggs? Just wondering. I am trying to stay more with
    organic grass fed beef and omega 3 fed chicken and eggs for protein and
    feel better than when eating too much pork. If it wasnt so dang expensive
    would like to get some bison too. Been kind of scared of fish with all the
    radioactive pollutants floating around.

  26. No worries Marlee. Enjoy your pathetic attack and keep eating the fat.

  27. lol you’re mistaken

  28. Good informative vid!

  29. hahah theres nothing left to eat.

  30. Great vid dude. I can relate, I’ve had 2 cut my diet back 2 strictly fatty
    pastured red meat and fruits, due to intolerances to all those foods u
    mentioned. Even white meat and pretty much all veggies gives me probs.
    People assume I get bored with my diet but eating steak and fruit is fuckin
    delishous, shit never gets old. I find staying under 150 carbs a day 2 b
    important also, shit affects my sleep and energy if I go over.

  31. Thanx for the post very informative but your list of what not to eat just
    wiped out 99% of my diet.is water ok?hahaha.

  32. i already have all 4 yrs of it.

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