Hello Beautiful Green Tea – Complexion Drink Recipe

This tea makes my skin glooooow!! It’s suppose to help with weight loss too but um…yeeeeeah about that. Give it try! Get the recipe: http://divascancook.co…


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46 Responses to “Hello Beautiful Green Tea – Complexion Drink Recipe”

  1. Ooh what’s this song? Me like! ^.^

  2. The honey nut cherios commercial just came on and I really hat e it it’s so annoying

  3. shesgoingslightlymad Reply November 3, 2013 at 11:43 am

    I used to read YM too haha!

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  6. I love you gurl

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  9. I actually like the taste…looking forward to the benefits!

  10. is did cold or hot water?

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  12. you’re so pretty! and I loveeee lovee love your recipes 😀

  13. i just got the stuff to make this but my cayenne pepper is really red. is it suppose t be like that or should it be brownish like yours in the video?

  14. what brand of honey is that?

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  16. This video was exactly one year ago!

  17. is it the same if i drink the green tea from seven eleven? :)

  18. Do you have to drink it hot?

  19. I loveee drinking tea. I honestly havent worked out in over 5 years but drink tea pretty regularly and iv stayed at a healthy weight 115 ever since i started drinking more green tea. If you want extra kick to weightloss try switching the green tea bag to Japanese green tea matcha powder. Has wayyyy more antioxidants and health benefits only need a tea spoon mix with 3 table spoons of hot water first before filling the rest of your cup up & sweet paprika or tumeric works the same!

  20. Hi
    U Kay want to try Ceylon cinnamon sticks. Ceylon has some good benefits and if u steep the sticks for a day it’s natural sweetness will come out. It’s really good as a iced cinnamon tea drink. Look it up. I’m sure ur family will love. Good sub for sugary drinks and health benefits

  21. her skin glowwing in the video

  22. no

  23. just a tip..never put honey in really hot water! It kills all the vitamins & enzymes and stuff so what your left with is just plain sugars from it :(.. only put it in lukewarm/slightly warmer that 100 degrees water at most. Its a bummer though, because I love hot tea with honey :(.

  24. Danggg you went back to YM mag..lol..I still have a few of those roaming around here. I have to try this recipe.

  25. Great vid, but how long do you think you may have to drink this tea before seeing results.

  26. can you use powdered cinnamon?

  27. Does the lemon juice have to be from a real lemon, or can it be from a squeezy bottle thing?

  28. In His Gates with Praise Reply November 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Is the cinnamon mandatory?

  29. Psst…you can reuse the cinnamon sticks right….:-)

  30. ive been hearing alot about this! U have beautiful skin. Im gonna try this out & see how well it works for me. Ive been looking for those clear coffee mugs just about everywhere. Where did u get urs from. Thanks enjoyed the video


  32. this reminded me of the master cleanse drink. which is just lemon, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper

  33. If I made this and took a sponge and ‘sponged’ it on my face would it clear my acne?

  34. Wonderful! I look forward to trying it 😀

  35. Found the cinnamon sticks at my local dollar tree… It has 11 sticks in the package :)

  36. I know right!! I use to get every issue of YM lol

  37. no worries, it’s just being forwarded to facebook while I update servers. It should be fixed in a few hours and I will take the facebook forward off.

  38. I wanted to search your blog and just realised its gone to facebook now. Im not alloud on facebook and will get in big trouble if my parents see me on it and i love justsearching your blog.. Any solutuion to this? Sorry im not trying to be picky or anything as long as its easy for you.

  39. I’m gonna try first thing in morning .

  40. YM magazine? my word I loved that magazine, you have taken me back to my teen years. I still have a stash of that magazine lying around somewhere.

  41. Can I drink this tea b4 I go to bed? Thanks for sharing. I love ur channel

  42. How long did you drink the tea before you noticed results?

  43. I’m gonna try this and the green tea toner as well! Thanks for sharing!

  44. so everyday u just use a new cinnamon stick?? O.O

  45. can i use the ground cinnamon instead of whole cinnamon ?

  46. How soon do you notice the difference?

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