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32 Responses to “HEALTH | Skinny Tea Weight Loss | Eman”

  1. Black Forest Girl in Oz Reply February 13, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    Beware of the ones with senna in it. It is basically laxative based. If you
    are bloated increase fibre and decrease fat. Laxatives of any kind taken
    more than once in a while completely destroy your gut bacteria. This can
    lead to constant diarrhoea and therefore can lead to malnourishment and
    dehydration. Just be careful guys. This is no joke… 

  2. You could delete this comment,but…Just a simple green tea helps ALOT. Not
    this shit of a tea which comes in packs,but not cheap Chinese green tea.You
    lose water,you don’t have overwhelming appetite,your colon works

  3. Haha, glad I’m not the only one who runs to McDonald’s after a stupid
    day!!!! Love you, Eman!!

  4. Find out how this Skinny Tea helped me lose weight!

  5. I’ve drank teas that have the same claim (I’ve also tried tiny tea but I
    couldn’t keep up with drinking it 3 times a week). Only effect I
    experienced was that they had a laxative effect. Basically anything with
    senna leaves in it, beware. I enjoyed it occasionally (couple times a week)
    because I don’t consume much fibre for me to go to the toilet regularly. So
    in other words, it did help with bloating. In terms of weight loss? I’ve
    never seen results. You would need to do some physical activity to lose
    weight. There is no magic wand for weight loss unfortunately. 

  6. Awesome!! Thank you for sharing. You look great! I’m trying to get
    motivated to get into the gym. Uugh!! Lol But I want a good summer so I
    need to. Besos

  7. Updated video on what happened to the date :) 

  8. Tottally agree with you about numbers and scales.I see my clothes and my
    underwear (lol) how fits me!Happy not to be alone.Numbers are just numbers
    and can discourage you!

  9. Easy enough! I can drink tea for sure!

  10. So happy your feeling & getting healthy it’s so important to a happy
    lifestyle and it definitely has to be a life change and not just a diet or
    it just won’t work, I’ve tried fit tea and it’s been very beneficial for me
    as well, I think lots of these teas work in different ways for everyone
    some people don’t lose weight but benefit in other ways, tea in general is
    really helpful to the body. Thanks for this video. love your vids xoxo

  11. I know this video is about your diet tea, but I kept staring at your
    makeup. It’s so beautiful! What did you do? Do you have a video on this
    look? Btw- the glasses rock too.

  12. You look healthy, well, glowing and happy :)
    Loving the new you! Keep going!

  13. don’t you gain the weight back? btw i’ve been sub for 3 yearsi

  14. You are so down to earth! I just love you so much! ^^

  15. Thank you for the tips! keep posting

  16. They recommend the anti-c tea after the tiny tea cleanse. Try it to
    continue your weight loss.

  17. I tried it too! It was just amazing. Purchasing it for the second time
    soon! But may i ask i cldnt keep up to 3 times a day for e tea cuz they
    only have 56 tea bags. How do u do it?

  18. New subby !! LUV your videos ! 

  19. Please do a makeup for glasses tutorial! aka basically the make up you have
    on here bc you look great but still quite natural

  20. I’m from mexico where can i get it?

  21. That tea is way too expensive AND to me.. it looks just like all these
    people who wants to sell their incredible new super magic stuff which makes
    you wonderful in 28 days. Guys. Cmon.. get some greentea and don’t buy
    overpriced sh&’%, SRY.
    But Eman you look beautiful as you are. I guess you just had the strength
    and power to really have the will and endurance to master your weight-loss
    finally. You should be a role model without using some outpriced hyped ‘%&.
    You’re way too cool for that. 

  22. America Ferrera’s twin :)

  23. Hey Eman, Thanx so much for sharing this with us. I actually only use green
    tea with some lemon juice believe me there is nothing better to loose wait
    and to have a perfect healthy glowy skin. Btw you’re the best i always
    watch your videos.. For some reason i find you so easy to watch, maybe
    because you’re just so real and it really makes us feel that you love what
    you do and you do it with ease and love.. xoxo!!

  24. Omg its so true eman…when I feel down or bored I always turn to food
    especially junk food because I just feel like giving up and cant do it
    anymore! Anyway I want to try this tea out definitely, hopfully it will
    work for me as it worked for u :) thanx for ur advice eman, u r always
    right!! I love you <3

  25. I have been using this Tea for a Year and I have lost over 60lbs and I
    changed to the way eat and exercise 5 days a week. This tea gives a ton of
    energy as well…. I love the blend and the cravings are all gone!!! 

  26. Thank you for this video, it’s really motivating! Keep them coming!
    But… I just have to know what lipstick are you wearing? Love it!

  27. I’m using it for like a year now and I love it! After every 28days teatox
    I’ll stop for 1 or 2 months or only use when I have a lot of bloating. I
    lost weight without doing any kind of sport besides everyday 30 minutes on
    my bicycle to work. I love tinytea!!!

  28. I love the videos you post on health. Keep them coming, they’re really
    Also could you make one on how you stay positive and motivated?
    Tq ☺

  29. All these sort of teas do is have a laxative effect. Do not feel the need
    to waste your money on this when simple ginger or peppermint or green tea
    will help keep…

  30. What about the laxative effects and the way they can disturb your system.
    Be careful guys. This not just simple harmless tea. 

  31. Guys iv tried this tea and to be frank it did nothing but then again
    everyone’s different it may work for you 

  32. Wow I really want to lose weight 😀 I want to be skinny so I might give
    this a try :)

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