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26 Responses to “Green Tea & Your Brain – Calm a Sutra”

  1. Super vidéo ! le thé vert c’est vraiment un trésor !

  2. Good for focus and alertness.
    Reduce tiredness.
    Clearing and Calming if a moderate amount of natural teas leaves, unprocessed chemically.

  3. samer metwally zaki Reply October 25, 2013 at 3:30 am

    Green Tea: Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking It

    How to Brew Green Tea

    Green Tea Health Benefits

    Green Tea How It Can Help You Lose Weight
    Like if it useful

  4. @Nubianxl…. Green tea and weed together can expand your focus…peace and love

  5. Hi! I’m Nick.I did -30 lbs past one week.Open

  6. Green tea is man made herb…try gods will work better!

  7. I went into meditation while listening to the music in this vid..

  8. many studies say it helps 4 many other thing’s 2

  9. HeavenlyButterfly Heidi Reply October 25, 2013 at 5:24 am

    Do you think white tea does the same as the green tea?

  10. I Love Green Tea!!!

    I make it right at home… after mowing the lawn, I take the grass clippings and boil them for about an hour… then add brown sugar… ummm umm gooood!!! The Best Green Tea I’ve ever tasted… right from home!!!

    All the Antioxidants right there in my front lawn for free!!!

    Alexander Darryl

  11. I wish it had a calm effect on me. Unfortunately, the slightest amount of caffeine makes me agitated and later depressed.

  12. It makes me study better

  13. Nice video, I’m 16 and I think I’m gonna start drinking this everyday, I think this is gonna help me both for studying and for tennis, plus I also want to lose 4 or 5 kgs lol

  14. oops…I meant, “I hope you like mine as well.” Enjoy! :)

  15. Wow, what computer programs did you use for your video. That is some great quality! Good job! Hope you like as well…

  16. Very factual, but I would expect to have to watch this in a high school science class.

  17. Thank you!

  18. Valid point. Then let’s just not count the views, which is perfectly fine by me. I’m okay with having the video entered as having 0 views. I think that’s more than fair.

  19. Woa, are you sure you’re allowed to enter this again? Its not fair, it already has 25k views. I do’nt think you’re allowed to enter previous videos again, it wouldn’t be fair

  20. Thanks for your great comments!

  21. Green tea is the best thing in the world…I swear to God that the L-Theanine compound in it helps the brain network together…from experience it helped me concentrate in school and focus, but in the past when I didn’t take it on a daily basis…I had trouble concentrating, stressed out, and very tired irritable person.

    Very informative…Green Tea is awesome!

  22. you should have won…

  23. This may sound crazy for some people, I not only drink Gren tea I actualy eat it too after i brew it, i have been doing that for the past 2 weeks and guess what? I HAVE LOST 12 POUNDS IT REALLY WORKED FOR ME,the best part of it is i didnt even do excercise.

  24. This really works,.

  25. Great Job Eric!
    I love green tea , now even more! Good Luck!

  26. Great job Eric!!! I love green tea now even more! Good luck!!!

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