Green Tea VS Black Tea VS White Tea Pu Erh Oolong Yellow Tea Tasting

see for the next episode and details about the origins of all the teas shown here: Green Tea VS Black Tea VS White Tea Pu Erh Oolong Y…


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18 Responses to “Green Tea VS Black Tea VS White Tea Pu Erh Oolong Yellow Tea Tasting”

  1. Brewing green and black tea the same way?

  2. love this video thanks. btw your lovely co-star is beautifulll!

  3. the term is astringent.

  4. It’s steeping! :) The act of submerging some kind of food in some kind of
    liquid so that the flavor of the food can be extracted into the liquid.
    Obviously the longer it steeps, the more intense the flavor, however for
    tea it is possible to over-steep it and in that case it can become bitter.
    Same thing applies to rice; you can steep different herbs or spices in the
    water you boil your rice in to add another dimension of flavor to the rice.
    Anyways, this was a fun video to watch. :)

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    wow… thanks for the valuable info!

  6. green and black tea come from the same plant

  7. This video is great, I only drink the tea but I don’t know much about tea
    like you.

  8. All the teas you tested are from the same plant. White and Green teas are
    unfermented, with the white tea being composed of the youngest spring
    leaves. Oolong and Yellow teas are mildly fermented/oxidized. The Black
    teas have undergone further oxidation, from medium-low levels in a
    Darjeeling or Chinese Breakfast, to quite heavily oxidized in a
    Scottish/Irish/English breakfast tea. The Pu-Erh (My favorite), undergoes a
    special process where it is heavily oxidized and aged, sort of like wine.

  9. Really enjoyed this video! thanks.

  10. I like that tea pot.

  11. I hope you didn’t only steep the teas once

  12. “Black, green and oolong teas are all made from this plant but differ in
    their methods of preparation. All tea leaves are withered, rolled and
    heated, but black teas go through an oxidative process known as
    fermentation before the final heating process. Oolong teas are partially
    fermented.” – source: farsinet(dot)com/hottea/greenblacktea

  13. theyre all the same plant the colour reflects how oxidised it is green is
    unoxidised black highly oxidised. The puerh tea can be used 10-20 times or
    more depending on quality btw

  14. I didn’t think I’d like watching a video about tea but you surprised me.

  15. Aardvark VanSquidmeirsteen Reply February 25, 2014 at 11:58 am

    红茶 Hongcha is so-called black tea. The Koreans are using the identical name
    to that which is used in Mandarin.

  16. All true teas come from the camelia senensis plant. The differences come in
    the geography of where the tea was grown and how the tea was processed.

  17. Aardvark VanSquidmeirsteen Reply February 25, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    Nice vid, buddy. You’re well on your way of the path.

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