Green Tea – Saturday Strategy Hello Fitlifers! Welcome to another exciting Saturday Strategy! If you leave a comment belo…


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26 Responses to “Green Tea – Saturday Strategy”

  1. On this verge of dropping coffee and adopting the lively options <3

  2. craftingtouchdowns Reply February 3, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    I am loving how the green tea makes me feel, I can tell such a difference
    in how I feel!!!!

  3. Love green tea, this looks refreshing. Can’t find lemongrass anywhere in
    town. Will send this link to my colleagues at work. Thanks

  4. Most coffee today is loaded with micro toxins and will cause you to crash.
    If you find some quality stuff, I prefer Bulletproof coffee you are good to
    go. I love this recipe as well! 

  5. Thank you, your videos are very inspiring. I want to renew my health habits
    and you are helping by sharing your information.

  6. Any juice recipe that helps with Psoriasis ir exzema, skin related
    issues???? Dry scalp?? Ty!!!

  7. I love ginger tea I’m going to try it thank you for this recipes!!!

  8. It’s about time to rid my house of coffee; hopefully this will be a much
    better alternative!

  9. Thank you for this recipe!!! 

  10. Love Japanese green matcha tea !! I have never had a cup of coffee my
    entire life. Too acidic—inflammation and too much
    caffeine–vasoconstrictor—high blood pressure.. Causes adrenal fatigue.
    People are addicted. See them at Starbucks lethargic each morning.

  11. Thank u drew you have changed my life with all ur recipes and juicing, iv
    tried all of them and feel awesome!!
    Such a insperation keep up the good work

  12. Thank you . I make this tea with tumeric but no mint. Haven’t tried the
    japanese tea. Love the tea maker. Where is the link for the strainer
    please? Great stuff ! Thank you for your knowledge 

  13. wow have to try it with the lemongrass. Looks great.

  14. Looks tasty

  15. Does this work if it’s cold?

  16. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! 

  17. Do u have any recipes for diabetics to stabilize glucose and lose weight? I
    usually put a small green apple when i juice to prevent glucose dropping
    too low after excercise. Any tips

  18. Cant wait to try this tea! Thanks Drew.

  19. MeSheHerlovesBeauty Reply February 3, 2014 at 7:04 pm


  20. What is the make of your large tea maker?

  21. Hey Drew, multiple 5 Day Detoxes? I thought you needed only one. 

  22. This looks amazing and cannot WAIT to get stuck into this!! I have been
    feeling lethargic and tired lately and looking forward to trying this.

  23. I started drinking tea more often and with all the different varieties and
    flavors, I tried this recipe and absolutely love it. My energy level is
    greater and I also incorporated exercise to help me lose some weight. Thank
    you and keep sharing. 

  24. Love learning new recipes that have wonderful benefits. I will have to
    locate these items and try this recipe. 

  25. Is there something to replace the green tea with?! Like more green
    when I have tea my ears ring -ouch…
    Thanks for being there you 3 (4?) :D

  26. This video was very informative. I am not a coffee drinker but recently
    started juicing and was able to get some family memebers to do a juice

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