Green Tea Recipes – Eat for energy

Simple tip for preparing green tea, yerba mate, rooibos tea for: Digestion Energy Metabolism Weight loss Antioxidants


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8 Responses to “Green Tea Recipes – Eat for energy”

  1. Great idea!

  2. Would adding freshly squeezed lemon harm the positive effects of green tea?

  3. Found your channel while looking at plant based protein videos. I always
    watch idea helping demonstrations like this, so I also liked a few of your
    other posts. Thanks for giving me hints an tips to go with

  4. I’ve just recently starting playing around with matcha… getting addicted.
    Thank you for the tip! Been using “Umatcha” from Republic of tea :)

  5. i’ve read that lemon can actually boost the effects. I commonly use lemon
    in my tea

  6. you make sauces w tea!? wow awesome! thanks for the video.. I’m gonna try
    adding the tea as a base for my GFS’s!

  7. More of an herbal tea for flavor… not too sure of significant health
    benefits. I occasionally drink hibiscus kombucha!

  8. Whats your take on Hibiscus tea?

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