Green Tea Mojo – Unlock The Magic For Health, Wellness & Longevity

Green Tea has been touted in the nutrition and health literature as a panacea because of its unique properties and health benefits. This book will highlight the truth behind its magical powers based on medical and scientific evidence.
There are a variety of ways to capture the benefits of Green Tea that go beyond brewing a cup of this magical substance.

After reading this concise ebook, you will have the insights of the potential benefits of Green Tea. Healthy foods and natural foods are a crucial part of any balanced diet and for health and longevity as a whole.

Unlock the power of green tea.


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3 Responses to “Green Tea Mojo – Unlock The Magic For Health, Wellness & Longevity”

  1. Yes there is Magic in green tea… The bottom line is, Green Tea is good for you! Drink it. Every Day!This little book lays out the information for you very well.

  2. This short read does a good job of reviewing the health and weight loss benefits of green tea. It tells which health claims have solid evidence and which may want to be questioned.

  3. I like the fact that the book is a short read.As a busy executive I prefer short and to the point.This book is exactly that. You will learn the health benefits of drinkingGreen Tea daily in less than 15 mibutes. I normally drink at least one cup a day but after readingthis book I will start drinking 3 cups a day.

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