Green Tea Handbook: a Natural Wonder for Weight Loss, Cancer, Heart, Bone, Oral Health, and Your Immune System – Benefits, Extracts, Recipes & More

Do You Want to Know All the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

This eBook Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know about This Incredible Herbal Tea

Bonus: Delicious Green Tea Recipes Now Included!

The Definitive Guide to Green Tea

Filled with over 50 pages of detailed, credible information, this eBook is your best resource for learning about green tea. You will learn about the history of green tea, the different varieties available, the production process, health benefits, and much more! Green tea has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and is one of the most beneficial substances known to humanity. By including green tea in your diet, you can drastically improve your health and wellness. All of the best information has been compiled for you in this convenient and well-organized eBook.

When you buy this eBook, you will learn about the proven health benefits of green tea, including:
Improved oral health
Improved bone health
Improved heart health
Improved immune system
Cancer prevention
Weight loss

Green Tea is a Celebrity Secret!

Supermodel Sophie Dahl recently revealed that because of its ability to boost the metabolism, it was her go-to weight loss supplement. Victoria Beckham is another celebrity who swears by green tea, and also claims that on top of helping her to stay trim and slender, it’s also instrumental in helping her keep her youthful complexion.

This eBook is the Only Green Tea Guide You Will Ever Need!

When you purchase The Green Tea Handbook, you will get a clear guide filled with a wealth of information that you can use every single day. As a special thank you gift, you will also get bonus green tea recipes that you and your family will love! Why waste time on the latest diet or health fad when you can start using a proven, natural, and safer alternative? Check out The Green Tea Handbook today to learn more!

Green tea is a healthy beverage, packed full of nutrient-rich vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Start Enjoying Green Tea Today. Buy Now!


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  2. very informative I’ve enjoyed drinking green tea for a long time now. So I decided to find out more about the history of my favourite beverage.James Haley’s green tea handbook really is a treasure trove of information on all things related to green tea. It covers the history, the varieties (although it didn’t mention my favourite green tea- Genmaicha), the production techniques, the various health benefits and many useful green tea recipes (to name but a few of the covered subjects).It’s…

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