Green Tea! For Weight Loss! Natural Bodybuilding!

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13 Responses to “Green Tea! For Weight Loss! Natural Bodybuilding!”

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  2. Schwarzenegger

  3. Fluoride is NOT good for you to drink.

  4. lol I was thinking of being him for Halloween bruhh

  5. Like someone above said honey is very good and you can also just try eating
    it with fruit bro

  6. Sounds more like Pauly Shore…. a few years older… Buuuuuuuuddyyyyyy

  7. is it bad if you drink diet tea that loses weight while you are drink whey
    protein ????????????? please help

  8. I heard you say that the tea has fluoride, are you 100% sure on that
    because I just found out that fluoride is a poison and people should not
    use it or at least use less toothpaste. I want to try greet tea for weight
    loss, but now you’ve made me afraid to. Please let me know asap, thanks

  9. Good point bro.

  10. Haha thanks bro

  11. @julnighter try honey its healthier and sweet

  12. is it ok to add a little bit of sugar cause I’ve got a sweet tooth. I don’t
    have to add the sugar i can drink it plain if i force myself. And i also
    like the fruity teas too like raspberry and stuff like that.

  13. You sound like Arnold :O

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