Green Tea For Fat Loss

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10 Responses to “Green Tea For Fat Loss”

  1. Why do the 80/10/10er’s have to comment on bodybuilders videos?

  2. “Green tea” is a derivative from caffeine. Caffeine boosts the metabolism
    ~3%.. Witch is insignificant.

  3. BeastModeFitness11 Reply February 26, 2014 at 8:19 am

    Iv been taking Green Tea for years I never noticed any fat loss from it [ ;
    But i just want the antioxidants. So its all Gud!

  4. Cool life story bro !

  5. Does black tea has the same effects ?

  6. Just put on a pot of green tea.

  7. All tea has benefits

  8. i saw this firs!

  9. Just make your meals of FRUIT and low fat, warm lemon water, walk, jog,
    run, sprints, make a vision of what you want to be and BAM

  10. Tea is just a scam when you could just make fresh vegetable jucie with a
    jucier or just eat like 4 pounds of grapes, 9 mangoes, 2 watermelons etc
    etc think people quit believing MAN made shit, get back to nature look at
    the animals in wild nature their fit as fuck!

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