Green Tea Fat Burner Supplements

Sorry this vid is so short.! But they were great for energy BOOST ! Worth a try IG: @asiaja_.


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10 Responses to “Green Tea Fat Burner Supplements”

  1. Thank you for the review

  2. also, don’t take these pills 3-4 hours before bed! Trust me you will be up
    saying (I CAN’T FUDGING SLEEP)!!! 

  3. I bought this stuff, the first day i took one gel cap pill and within 5-10
    mins of going into the gym i had a burst of energy! This stuff is good!

  4. You are so beautiful :) 

  5. They give you energy baby lol

  6. Use black seed

  7. danielleloveslou624 Reply December 11, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    Just bought those today. Hope they work for me.

  8. What side effects did you have? I’ve only take 1 a day, and get super
    jittery but i like the energy. Not seeing the results i want though. may be
    worth to stop I don’t know. thank you!

  9. Is this effective for fat burning? :)

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