Green Tea Diet QuEsTiOnS AnSwErEd!

A quick video addressing some of the FAQ I got from my 1st Green Tea Video (found at the following link in case you somehow found this video first) http://ww…


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30 Responses to “Green Tea Diet QuEsTiOnS AnSwErEd!”

  1. jennifer maravilla Reply January 22, 2014 at 10:28 am

    y are u swallowing the tea dont u drink it

  2. not just rice and not always green tea… in my most recent video on the
    subject, i discuss treating the tea like a vitamin and taking it when u
    feel you need… and rice isnt a part of my daily diet. i just try and eat
    healthy in general

  3. i havent had any ill effects… as i said in my green tea diet 2012 redux
    video, i no longer take it 3 a day every day… i take it when i feel like
    it. but regardless of me taking it regularly or sporadically, i have never
    had any issues myself.

  4. just curious what did eating the green tea do for you?? Does it supress

  5. @starshinemom hahaha …can’t blame you! I never said it tasted good…lol

  6. your diet consist of rice and tea,how delicious

  7. u dont get the flavinods if you dont brew the tea

  8. im sure u could

  9. How much weight did you lose overall on this diet and how long did it take?

  10. @2undiscoveredvoices i started feeling better within the first week and i
    believe i started noticing results within 2-3 weeks. Thank you! :)

  11. @K4TH7D4V1S GREEN TEA DIET??? WTF!! I heared about many diets, but this is
    the most stupidest ever ­čśŤ

  12. dude r u sur t’s safe for ur liver downing then water n rice? maybe
    benefical wa bout the decaffinated powder?

  13. what else did you do with this diet

  14. Good on ya then! Make sure to upload ya guns next time!!! :)

  15. @nuthin2hyde doing the green tea i lost about 40lbs.

  16. Lmao at the puppy

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    products to demonstrate how good they are at help people lose weight. Well
    I discovered a website that will send free samples to your home, its the
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  18. @water4600 none. just dietary changes

  19. @HBDalways I did the green tea diet´╗┐ for about a year and a half. A few
    months before I stopped, I went to decaf green tea. I have since changed my
    diet and lifestyle more and found that having no caffeine at all works best
    for me so I currently do NOT do the green tea diet and I have never put the
    weight back on that I lost doing the diet. Hope this helps :)

  20. @Amiemarchant I’m glad this clarified things for you :)

  21. felt better within 1 week. started to look better in 2

  22. caraca a kefera mano

  23. Why highway blues lol?

  24. hi thanks for the info again lol u look the way since doing this
    green tea have u lost any weight??

  25. wuai aprenda a falar protugues pohaa

  26. I don’t know why your cutting though, you is le petite already. I would
    recommend pack on some whey and lift!

  27. How long did it take for you to start noticing any changes?

  28. I fell off da wagon homes :( Back on coffee again… mmm

  29. eating rice with a fork is better. for some reason it makes the texture of
    the rice better, no wonder the Asians eat rice with sticks, forks are the
    same idea as chop sticks

  30. Im trying organic green tea and i been getting headaches, what do you
    suggest? Would changing to decaf help.

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