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20 Responses to “Green Tea Benefits & Weight Loss Tips”

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  2. Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan (just google it)? I’ve heard some
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  3. @WeightLossGeni Thank you for replying,and thank you!! First of all, i have
    try to avoid sugar replacing it with diet sugar ASPARMATE, that’s the one
    i’m taking. Is that good? or not? I din’t know i wasn’t suppose to avoid
    diet sugar!! Also what is EFT? and thank you again!!!

    I AM 190LBS but im straggling i go from 190 to 185 then back to 190..grr!!
    OK here is my question i like Lipton geen tea(diet) is that ok? and if we
    talk about hot green tea i like is ok but what about sugar?? can i add
    sugar or have to use splenda, what’s the best way to drink it?? thank you.

  5. I would suggest to stay nature way… get normal tea wthout any
    additives… for anyone complaning about taste,,i would say ” Stop being a
    drama king/queen.. Take it the way nature intended it to be” Dont be so
    over sophisticated and then complain about diabetes etc… In the same way
    go for brown rice, instead of white, the way nature intended it to be… go
    for brown bread. instead of white… make these changes and teach your kids
    from childhood about them..

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  7. @VANNYLO1107 EFT is emotional freedom technique. You really do not want to
    supplement with any artificial sweeteners especially aspartame search for
    sweet poison Go to facebookdotcom/weightlossgeni for more info :)

  8. OK Stop creating mis conceptions about EFT. EFT is not magic cure, it only
    tunes your brain to stay motivated to reach your fitness goals,, dont get
    mislead by the myth that EFT itself will make u loose weight

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  11. The Stash Pomegrante Rasberry Green Tea has 12 Grams of sugar. I’m a (Type
    2) The
    Mint/BlueBerry/Lemon Ginger don’t have any sugar though and are good

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  17. @VANNYLO1107 First of all Well done you for losing 20 lbs! Secondly, sorry,
    but you MUST avoid BOTH the sugar AND the artificial sugar splenda. As for
    Lipton diet green tea it contains Sucralose which is a similar neurotoxin
    to Splenda, so avoid it. If you want the benefits of Green Tea for weight
    loss, then you either need to drink fresh Green Tea or take a high-quality
    supplement – Sounds like your big challenge is sugar, try EFT, More info on
    my channel or facebook

  18. @shygirl4u2008 Cayenne Pepper is good for cleaning out your liver too.
    Also, it can help with coughs too – the capsicum in it can be found in
    cough syrup.

  19. Green tea is good for you it has antioxidants ; ) I heard cayenne pepper
    cures cancer.Did u know? I’ll send u the video on it to your email.Thanks
    for teaching me how to stay healthy : )

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