Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews – Try today and Get 3 Free

Go to to get your bonus.Green coffee bean extract continues to show exciting promise as a an effective weight loss supplement. A l…


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38 Responses to “Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews – Try today and Get 3 Free”

  1. Hmm great nutrients !

  2. It can help you reduce weight , have more energy

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  5. Greencoffee Beanextract Reply January 26, 2014 at 4:56 am

    Green coffee-beans extract is the latest element out on the marketplace. It
    possesses powerful antioxidant properties comparable to various natural
    antioxidants similar to grape seed extract and green tea.

  6. I will use as a normal coffee green

  7. Side affect, notre really we don’t hear from that

  8. I like green coffee bean !

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  11. This video makes me want to pose a few questions. 1. How would you use the
    green coffee bean? A green bean is the seed of a type of cherry, which is
    incredibly dense. You cannot grind it, it will break your grinder of any
    kind. You cannot extract the caffeine without using chemicals, or an
    extremely complicated process of water decaffeination. I’m curious to see
    how one could utilise the green bean without being able to consume it?

  12. You can buy from the link below

  13. Is this green coffee bean good for heart? Does this coffee bean taste

  14. Are there any potential side effects to green coffee bean extracts? If so,
    are they any different from roasted coffee beans?

  15. Very nice! where can I buy green coffee bean? i don’t want to purchase this
    online. :)

  16. how does coffee bean help me ???

  17. Vinay Rajiv Peddireddi Reply January 26, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Does this Green Coffee Bean extract taste the same as a normal coffee ?
    What is the caffeine level ? Is it better than Green Tea in terms of health
    benefits ?

  18. The FDA recently issued a warning on how green coffee bean extracts have
    appetite suppressants. Should they be prescripted or are they safe for
    human consumption?

  19. Nops you don’t have affects but you will seem better

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  21. Does this work for all age groups?

  22. I love the green coffee bean. It is probably one of my favorite
    supplements! To answer your questions, you arn’t extracting the caffeine
    from the bean itself, you are extracting the chlorogenic acids. The higher
    content of chlorgenic acid in your bean the better! They also make juices
    with the extract but they are really hard to find. If you need help losing
    weight check out my blog! EatGoodStaySlim . Com

  23. Yes it’s work for all group of ages

  24. shorttask user

  25. You can lost a lot. I suggest you to check on the website and you will have
    all your answer respond

  26. I like the way you talk !

  27. I don’t know you can check on the page

  28. I drink coffee for relieving stress and stay awake. This coffee seems
    better than the common ones. Does it still has the same effects as the
    roasted ones?

  29. I suggest you to take 2 coffee per day to help you

  30. how much of coffe a day wil help me reduce a weight about 6 six kg’s in two

  31. what are the nutritional elements present in green coffee bean as compared
    to roasted bean? I mean what nutrients get reduced on roasting coffee beans?

  32. is it good for health? will it leads to any side affects?

  33. Can we make the coffee bean in powder and eat it directly without roasted

  34. I need hot lemon tea

  35. how much weight can i lose by drinking green tea?

  36. Ruja Lavinia Florentina Reply January 26, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    How much weight can I lost if I drink every day 2 cups of green coffee?I
    mention that I don’t drink green coffee but I want to drink to lose
    weight.I heard that is good for weight.

  37. could you please explain what are the health benefits that we get, if we
    take green coffee bean? shorttask

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