Great way to lose weight

Non harmful way of losing weight and quite fast. Especially for those who do not want to take diet pills or have stron reactions to them.


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18 Responses to “Great way to lose weight”

  1. That’s a crazy ount of weight

  2. What stores can u get it at??

  3. That tea works :)

  4. i mean no sugar or sugar substitute, just natural honey for taste

  5. I know it’s 6 months to late but yes it does work. It isn’t a magic thing
    though, some of the weight you lose is water weight from using the
    bathroom. I use 3 ballerina tea, extra strength I’ve lost 30 pounds. I
    always work out 4 times a week for 30-60 minutes. Averaged 3lbs a week with
    the tea its around 5-6.

  6. Can I do just regular green tea?

  7. where can i buy this from?

  8. I do a 30 minute workout 5 days a week do you think that will be enough and
    i do eat right


  10. Any oriental tea with words like ‘dieters tea’ or ‘slim tea’ basically is a
    laxative tea. Go to any oriental supermarket in the tea isle. They all come
    in green boxes.

  11. It’s not really ‘green tea’. The main ingredients are senna and Chinese
    mallow. They are herbs that have laxative effects. Ex lax and other
    laxatives use these as a main ingredient also. These are very harsh on the
    system and should not be used for long periods of time. SmoothMove is a tea
    that you would probably find at a health food store or anywhere with a wide
    variety if tea. Again, it is not traditional green tea. Be careful using
    this everyone!

  12. Where can I find it?

  13. Your right, I lost 6lbs in 1 week! I love it!

  14. It does really works but u have to workout a lil bit my cuzzin use this she
    lost so much weight she’s really skinny now

  15. perfect!im about to heat my water and try this and was looking for a review
    and you posted this two days ago!subscribed!!thank you!great minds think

  16. Nd hey ur cute cn i get ur number

  17. i agree, i have been using it forever and it works great, i am a active
    single mom so the tea helps, i use 1 tea bag once a day with honey (Sugar)
    natural honey is good for taste, please drink water too, because you are
    disposing waste and you could get dehydrated if you dont drink enough
    waterafter i use the bathroom, i feel so light and empty, one time i felt
    so much better i was dancing, i tried pills and i dont like side effect,
    acai 14 day made me have heart palpitations,

  18. Hey! I’m Ryan.I did -15 lbs in two months.Open

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