Fitne Herbal Weight Control Slimming Green Diet Tea 4 Packs (30 Sachets each)

Fitne herbal tea, the original from Thailand Senna leaves and beans are the most popular and most widely used medicinal plants for detoxification and drainage. Senna is also used for spasms of the intestinal tract, liver and constipation hemorrhoids. Fitne tea helps very well in losing weight and at the Detoxification of the body! All ingredients are grown and processed naturally! You have a natural product that will help you to fulfill your wishes. Not only because of its good effect, but also because of its excellent taste and pleasant aroma, it is the most popular tea of its kind in Thailand! Ingredients : Senna Pods 75% Senna Leaves 25%

Product Features

  • Weight control slimming diet in green Tea flavor
  • Laxative for weight control and slim
  • Detox your body and helps your body fit & firm and make your skin bright
  • 30 bag x 4= 120 bags


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