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28 Responses to “FATLOSS/Antioxidant Supplement Review: HIGHER POWER-GREEN TEA EXTRACT”

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  3. @TFitnessTV one ore tim , is there anywhere i could buy this in the uk??

  4. Yoo man i been taking green tea extract also for a while but i only take 1
    pill a day like it says is the daily dosage. Do you think i get more
    benefits kicking it up to 3 ? there 500 mg also. Nice Form man!

  5. Yooo tim! can you do a review for BSN products! like true mass and
    especially N.O explode!

  6. @hioxd yup i plan to! : ]

  7. @razscott damn raz $40 for 10lbs is a great deal! is the any whey isolate
    in it?

  8. @TFitnessTV No theres no isolate in the whey protein i get, but there is
    sacks of pure whey isolate on the site, its more expensive obviously tho
    coz its better stuff, i prefer just getting the normal whey & adding L
    Glutamine & Taurine. Also, the whey protein & other products on the site
    are not branded which means the tubs & sacks are 100% full, not like
    branded stuff where they just fill the tubs 70% or 80% lol. Cheers Tim

  9. @007HomeBoy pause at 5:26 and read what it says,watching the video might

  10. Great review. I drink 3-6 cups of green tea a day so I don’t really need
    it. Good info.

  11. thanks for this video! just bought some online and arrived today cant wait
    too try it

  12. tim thanks, could this be used for bulking as well(as a stimulant) or would
    it be counterproductive for that?

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  14. Terrific vid Tim, really informative, i get all my sups & Whey from a
    website in England called MYPROTEIN.CO.UK & it is fantastic, the Whey
    Protein is the best around & its only around $40 for a 10lb sack! which i
    decant into two 5lb tubs every 2 months.

  15. good video, I’ve been trying to drink more green tea but I’ll definitely be
    trying this out

  16. where can i buy this? I checked on amazon and they didnt haveit…. maybe
    cvs or walgreens?

  17. A few caveats with what you were saying – Asian cultures typically consumes
    more Omega-3 fatty acids than the SAD (standard American diet) does and
    THIS has mostly been attributed to lower rates of HD, not Green Tea
    consumption. So, it is misleading to say that Green Tea is going to lower
    your risk. Antioxidants in the role of fighting disease are still in the
    theory stage of scientific research and also have not been proven to be
    efficacious, however there may not be any harm by doing so.

  18. great video, i learned alot about fat burners, thanks

  19. Great video Tim. I drink green tea but never thought about getting
    supplements until now.

  20. Do you need to be a certain age to use this? -Chase

  21. NIce vid man! :) ur hench lol, u shud check out scott herman if u haven’t
    heard of him, ScottHermanFitness on youtube

  22. I’m drinking Green Tea Spear Mint flavour, that’s not as good as pure Green
    Tea but still good right =) ?

  23. ReturnOfJackDawson Reply December 22, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    thank you sir, great vid.

  24. @Icarus0027 where can i purchase this?

  25. Ahh chlorine free radicals, Chemistry!! Very informative vid Tim! Found it
    very useful and will have to try!! Are you thinking of doing a creatine
    video? Also i spend ALOT of money on muscletech products? Are they bang for
    their buck? Or just sugar in a shiny tub?

  26. I’m using OxyElite Pro at the moment for the past 3 weeks. I’ll look into
    this one in between cycles of OEP or totally get off OEP and start this one
    after a break from fatloss supplement anything. By all means, these things
    aren’t magic pills anyway, that’s why they’re called “supplements” that
    supplement what you’re doing. At least that’s what I’ve learned during my

  27. @Alexalmq take 3 a day, morning, afternoon, night.

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