Fat Loss Smoothie Recipe With Matcha Green Tea and Berries

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32 Responses to “Fat Loss Smoothie Recipe With Matcha Green Tea and Berries”

  1. Dear fitlife , I think I should win juicer because I’m one of your biggest
    young fan!! I’m 14 years old male I live in Los Angeles and your channel
    has transformed my body and mind into a super teen!! I use to eat bags
    chips every single day but now instead of that I drink smoothies and juices
    that I make . Everyone from my school is curious how I have a six pack and
    they think I spend hours and hours in the gym but I don’t I juice and eat
    healthy EVERY DAY and play my sports . Once again thank you fitlife crew
    for making my life amazing from the first steps and for making me a
    intelligent human being . Once again thank you for everything that you do
    and carry on the good work guys :)

  2. Life changing experience about couple months ago I had life changing
    experience, after juicing and eating right change me as a human being. I
    had more energy during my school i could concentrate what i was learning.
    Also I lost about 5 lb and its all thanks to you drew, your video helped me
    a lot and i hope to win this juicer. xoxo. 

  3. Ive Been watching your videos for a while now and you always inspire me to
    try new recipes! I’ve been eating healthier for 2 months already. Something
    that also helped was drinking lots of water’ I been drinking 6 bottles of
    water a say and the results are just amazing!!! My skin looks so much
    better and I feel full of energy! I have a juicer but I don’t have a
    powerful blender. Winning this will really help me with my journey of
    getting healthier… I don’t plan on eating healthy only for a short period
    of time because after seeing my results of drinking tons of water I want to
    continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life!! 

  4. www.BodyDynamics.com Reply September 7, 2014 at 4:46 am

    Hi Drew, awesome recipe. My question is can you save this in the fridge.
    Also, is this too much sugar if you were to divide it among 3 meals? I
    love your enthusiasm and I have been juicing and blending for 3 years now.

  5. Hey fit life tv my names Jesse and is like to thankyou for helping me lose
    30lbs of fat and able to be in the best shape of my life . I also like to
    say that I’ve helped me control my ADHD I’m am able to concentrate in
    school a lot better also I’ve been doin the best I’ve ever done in school
    because of ur help helping me concentrate and boosting my mental cognition
    I now have a 4.0 I have never had a 4.0

  6. I would of told you about my experience but sadly I don’t have a juicer /:

  7. I switched to fruits and veggies awhile ago, fell off and went back on and
    fell off and went back on again. After every time I fell off my energy
    plummeted and the desire to get the energy back is what brought me back.
    Smoothies are my favorite, sometimes instead of ice I would use frozen
    fruits to get that chill but ummmmm that looks soooooo goooood! Thanks for

  8. The FitLife community boosted me into juicing (pun intended). I’ve noticed
    changes in the way my skin feels and looks, my energy levels, my physical
    Using the info I’ve gathered from here is actually helping me while
    recovering from an upset stomach currently! Thank you! 

  9. Where’s the best protein video?

  10. +FitLifeTV Hi Drew I have been a follower for a long time. I always try to
    win one of the juicers you give away but I got tired of making that an
    excuse to stay unhealthy. I started making better choices and have been
    using a blender to juice. Well it has obviously helped because in just a
    month I have lost over 50 lbs. I was weighing 300 lbs at just 4’9″ and
    hurting everyday. I am now leaving the 200’s behind me soon with only 7
    more lbs to go to be in the 100’s. I haven’t been less than 200 lbs in
    years because of depression and it feels so good. It has been hard because
    I have spina bifida and my mobility isn’t the best but I stopped waiting
    for something to happen and started making things happen. Thank you for all
    your wonderful tips and tricks because they are some of the reason I have
    lost this weight. You have no idea how much this weight loss has helped me
    medically. Unfortunately I was in a car accident on Aug 9 so I am hoping to
    get back on track soon. I am still eating good things and juicing but i
    know it takes more than just that. I just wanted to let you know how
    thankful I am that you make these videos. It takes the guess work out of
    starting a healthier life style. 

  11. I’m going to try it your smoothies

  12. Hey Drew, are the juices the only thing we need to conume at breakfast to
    see some results?

  13. Thank you for this channel, I will go find that matcha tea when I get
    enough extra money. It gets harder to do clean & healthy practices once
    you get older on low income. Thx for the inspiration. 

  14. mannysbigsatellite Reply September 7, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Mr. Canole, I have recently discovered your channel and you have given me
    the inspiration to transform my body through juicing, I have always been on
    the heavier side of life 300 plus pounds and have recently started buying
    fresh made juices at whole foods which is putting a hole in my pocket, I
    know it’s a investment on my self but iwould benefit from winning the
    juicer, also thank you and your team for sharing so much great information
    for FREE!! Now a days every nutritionist wants to help you but they look
    out more for the money than ones health. Please keep providing us with
    great info and a healthier ways of living. Thanks

  15. Just found your site. LOVE your videos. What do you do with the rest of the
    juice since it makes more than one serving? I have the vita-mix, but no
    juicer. I’ve been making smoothies with fruit and preventing adding
    spinach, YUM. The kale is an acquired taste. I will look for the Match a
    tea. Dr. Andrew Well sweated by the Match a tea.

  16. Could you please make a video about “colon detox”?

  17. Your awesome dude such an inspiration. Iv been body building for a while
    and I’m juicing now because of you I feel so much better putting this in my
    body. I would love a smoothie blender! I’m in college and working so you
    know how it is. I think my family would abuse it in the morning to haha.
    Keep on making amazing videos – Godbless

  18. I have been making a similar shake since last year, but I use freshly
    juiced apples and carrots instead of the almonds. I also add ginger,
    cinnamon, honey and bee pollen. It is my daily shake :)

  19. I just buy the matcha tea today and i love it

  20. Zarah Philizia Sherman Reply September 7, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Thank you for the great videos. Your video helped me how to be healthy in a
    fun and delicious way. I think I should win because I can’t afford to buy
    that kind of juicer because my husband is the only bread winner of our
    family and I am going to college soon. I am 24 years old, i just came here
    at United States last year to marry my childhood boyfriend who is in the US
    air force and sadly I am diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol,
    my doctor told me that I should take medicine everyday for the rest of my
    life but I refuse to take maintenance medicines because i have high hopes
    that my body will heal itself through exercise, eating and juicing the
    right way. i have a cheap juicer that i bought from clearance at Walmart. I
    am thankful for all your videos because it helped me to take good care of
    my body. 

  21. That looks steller! 

  22. I am a 2nd year Naturopathic medical student. I have used Fit Life with
    juicing throughout my first year year of medical school to help keep my
    body and mind clean so I can train mean to become a Naturopathic Physician.
    My juicer is on the last leg and funds are very tight with a student
    budget. I started juicing 3 years ago and it helped me combat a chronic
    health issue. I would truly be grateful for a juicer so I can teach others
    the awesomeness of juicing for whole body/mind health. 

  23. The main purpose I had for juicing or blending was to make a difference in
    my own life to be more healthier and disease free as much as I can be…and
    now more importantly to make a difference in other people’s lives sharing
    the knowledge and information gathered here and using myself as an example
    that good health can be achieved with a simple lifestyle change. 

  24. This has change my way to lose weight. Thanks Drew for changing my way and
    motivating me.

  25. Juicing has been great for me because overall my body feels more efficient,
    my mental clarity is better than ever, and I can perform at a higher
    fitness level. Your videos are so informative, easy to follow and
    inspiring. Thank you for the content and for a chance to win a juicer,
    Drew!! Appreciate everything you do.

  26. I love your videos :) ….. I feel more energentic in mornings I decided to
    add flax seeds in my juices and idk bout anyone else but but it really
    helps my cravings and eating less is my goal :) ….

  27. Hi Drew, You and Fitlife have changed my life over the past couple of years
    by giving me the Power to take control of my Beauty and health. I use the
    recipes for Juices, smoothies, waters and hot drinks. I especially love the
    research and advice about the super foods! I have incorporated spirilina
    and maca into my diet just to name a few, and my skin hair eyes and nails
    have never been better. Beauty comes from nutritional health and not from
    man made chemicals and toxins! Thank you keep up the great work!!

  28. What brand of Matcha do you use? I don’t know which to buy!

  29. That looks good! Off the grocery store. I just hope my magic bullet will
    have enough power.

  30. Where can I get that shirt?

  31. Thank you Drew on your juicing info. My wife and I are both rookies in the
    juicing field. We have started in August of 2014 and since then, our lives
    has changed for the better. My wife lives with an autoimmune disease
    alopecia which had costed her all of her hair. She has been fully bald from
    head to toe for a little over 2 years now. Since we have started juicing,
    she has noticed growing hair in certain parts of her body which she is
    really excited for the future.
    Unfortunately our 7 year old daughter was just diagnosed with alopecia and
    lost 90% of her hair this past summer. Therefore why I’m contacting your
    team, Elimay is 7 yo and is allergenic to milk, eggs, nuts, seafood,
    and….. Bananas! I tried mixing her a banana smoothie then she complained
    about her throat being tight. So to cut it short, have you guys had any
    other responses on people having allergies to certain fruits and veggies? I
    would like introduce juicing to Elimay. I know your not doctors but any
    input would be well appreciated. Check us out on Instagram, we also have a
    movement user: mrsmotherregal

  32. I started juicing for weight loss and energy.

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