FAT LOSS 101: Cardio vs Resistance Training For Maximum Weightloss

CHEK L.3 Practitioner and Neuro-Muscular Therapist,Sam Visnic, discusses cardio vs. strength training for maximum fat loss. See Sam @ http://www.endyourbackp…


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30 Responses to “FAT LOSS 101: Cardio vs Resistance Training For Maximum Weightloss”

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  4. I don’t find cardio boring. Love that runner’s high… endorphins feel great

  5. WOW! I had no idea– Saved and faved!

  6. great vid… he explains it very well!

  7. I think the main difference here is looking fit and being fit. You like
    cycling and running then you have to do cardio. You want to just look good
    by the pool then sticking to resistance and weights is great. I do have to
    say the argument of cardio being boring is flawed. Inside the gym is
    boring. Cardio trail Running or Mnt Biking is great for the view and fresh
    air as well as a reward of fun downhills after the climbs. I do not know
    the last time I got an adrenaline rush from dumbbells.

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  9. Thank you for this really interesting and informativ video

  10. I am not very sure about this, if you check Mayo Clinic webpage they
    recommend 30 mins of cardio every day for a healthy life…

  11. great video. this guy is terrific. very talented. i like him very m uch.

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  13. @MrCazalberto You missed the point. He is saying excessive cardio is
    detrimental. 10K , 4x /Week is not exessive hence your good results. You
    must ask yourself how long it takes you to run the 10Ks and compare that to
    what he is saying about marathon runners. Those who are doing a great deal
    more than “1ok 4 x a week”. Please don’t be so quick to shout nonsense.
    This presenter is highly educated and only out there to help others.

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  15. Sam is saying that if your goal is to lose weight then your quickest route
    is to use strength and strength endurance exercises and associated
    periodization schemes. Also you do get signififant “cardio” benefits from
    resistance training. Its not like your cardiovascular system is uneffected
    by gym training and you need to supplement cardio to stay healthy.

  16. Distinguish between high and low intensity cardio. High intensity cardio
    develops both low and high intensity cardio. Low intensity cardio develops
    only low intensity cardio. High intensity cardio burns fat for hours after
    the workout. To say that high intensity cardio is detrimental is to say
    that highly intense sports like wrestling, mma and bicycle racing are
    unhealthy. Training for these sports requires intense cardio exercising.
    Also, strength training can be cardio intense.

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  18. Great video , your spot on in comparison to body by science.

  19. can i run instead of jogging on the treadmill

  20. @CivitasUltraAporia u are right , if the ppl do too much cardio like 2 hr
    then cortisol increase ,for cardio tren like 30-60 min there is no problem
    about the cortisol.

  21. Interesting, I’ve never heard that said like that before, but now thinking
    about it I do noticed that many who engage in too much traditional cardio
    are not well toned & even those who are thin lack good muscle tone, I’ve
    notice this for years. I do love weight training a lot so I will definitely
    take note on what you say here. Thanks very much.

  22. Okay lets say that I want to increase my lung and heart capacity, what do I
    do? I think, he should just point out that going to the gym and focusing
    ONLY on cardio training isnt gone help especially testosterone, HGH,
    thyroid hormones, etc. But someone seeing this video gets the impression
    that cardio is BAD! And if that is what he was implying, then I disagree

  23. Nice! Thank You!

  24. awesome video and to the point! 6 people prefer cardio lol

  25. It is also a blatant myth that resistance training burns a significant
    amount of extra calories after you are done. The amount is irrelevant. The
    repair process does not require much energy at all. Resistance training
    will NEVER come close to matching cardio in terms of energy usage. Now, is
    resistance training important? Hell yes, every human on the planet that is
    able should be doing it, but not for these reasons This is a poorly
    researched presentation.

  26. Some good points raised here. Would like to hear your views on the type and
    duration of resistance training

  27. How would you consider isometric workouts – cardio? Strength? Or both?

  28. Nonsense… I run 10k 4x a week and I have lost 1kg a week… my resting
    pulse have droped to 62bpm… my legs are like stones, and I do core
    training Mr,in opposite gym just makes me hungry.

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    a quick way to burn fat fast.

  30. I agree with the points raised in the video. However, I do enjoy swimming
    and I have been thinking about taking up mountain biking.

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