Fat Fader Slimming Lotion (2 Pack) 2.5% Aminophylline w/ Raspberry Ketones & Green Tea Extract

FAT-FADER’s Parabens FREE Formula is the planet’s most intense topical fat loss lotion on the market today. FAT-FADER attacks the fat and cellulite just below the skins surface to aid in the appearance of healthier, tighter and leaner looking skin. This clinically tested formula begins to work in just a few days for results you can SEE and FEEL! Applying FAT-FADER on the glutes, thighs, arms, legs, hips, and most importantly the abdominal area, may help to breakdown fat, keep skin toned and bring out muscle definition. FAT-FADER may also aid in the reduction of cellulite, increase skin elasticity and firmness. FAT-FADER is a light, non-oily, odorless, colorless lotion that is absorbed QUICKLY and will not leave stains on undergarments and clothing.

Product Features

  • Nutra Scientific Labs


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2 Responses to “Fat Fader Slimming Lotion (2 Pack) 2.5% Aminophylline w/ Raspberry Ketones & Green Tea Extract”

  1. Works on stubbon subcetaneous fat I understand the previous posters concern about “fake reviews” and agree that checking date range of reviews is a good way of keeping things legitimate. That said, i don’t agree with giving a product 1 star that by your own admission you haven’t tried.I actually bought a tube of this stuff and it works. True, I diet and excercise, but have been doing so for two years without really getting rid of the stubbon subcetaneous fat on my abdomen. Within a week both my wife and i…

  2. Good skin firming lotion I really liked this product. It doesn’t have any odor that I noticed, absorbes into skin well, doesn’t stain clothing, and I did notice improvement in the texture of my skin.I would like to warn others however, that this product does not get rid of fat- at least not with short-term use. It helps get rid of that “orange peel” looking skin where cellulite is.If I had the money, I would keep buying this product and use it daily to keep the cellulite away, unfortunately, I…

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